DUPREE: Dem Voters Starting To Realize Defunding The Police Proposal Was A Terrible Idea

DUPREE: Dem Voters Starting To Realize Defunding The Police Proposal Was A Terrible Idea

Following the killing of George Floyd over two years ago, liberal mayors around the nation have been trying to restore their police forces’ funding.

These elected officials are now under enormous pressure from their constituents, even those who voted for them, to confront the unprecedented levels of crime and violence in their cities.

Liberal mayors have reversed course and are now publicly calling for increased funding, aggressive policing measures, harsher penalties, and federal assistance for their cities. This is in addition to the national media’s relentless focus on their early support of defunding police and inability to put forth effective alternative anti-crime solutions.

A shift is inevitable, given that the left’s most radical and hazardous stance, known as “Defund the Police,” was adopted with the explicit goal of swinging for the fences and missing big time.

No matter how ridiculous and pointless this proposal seemed to these mayors, they couldn’t resist the temptation. Police departments across America have been slashed and operations restricted by anti-police groups such as Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and Democrats in Congress (most notably “The Squad”), rather than using more reasonable, common-sense approaches like increased training, updated use of force criteria, and the deployment of additional less-than-lethal options for officers.

As a result, they politicized and demonized the whole law enforcement industry and in the process, their own agencies.

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It seemed like the mayors and the Democratic Party were invincible, but two years later, they realized they were dead wrong on this issue—wrong on both the practicality and popularity of defunding police and not enforcing the law in a civilized society, and wrong on the political repercussions that they would face as people became afraid and disgusted with what these cities had done.

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It’s imperative that we point out the obvious to the public before allowing mayors in cities like Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, and others to change the narrative about their own politics and pretend that they have always supported police enforcement.

For the wrong reasons, they’re rethinking their beliefs because they’re disgusted by what’s happening in their cities and the impact it has on their population. Let’s face it: crime has been on the rise for over two years and is wreaking havoc on these communities, taking many lives in the process. A shift would have occurred by now if they cared enough to make a difference.

The true reason for the turnaround is that people in their cities have made them realize that this instability cannot go on any longer and they are battling for their political survival. It is important to keep in mind that these are the exact folks who voted these mayors to office and supported their first defunding initiatives – until they didn’t.

What the mayors failed to realize is that people, like them, have a way of yanking the rug out from under their elected officials when they are badly affected by policies that they formerly supported.

Democratic voters have come to see that defunding the police was a terrible idea. Law enforcement is essential to maintaining order in society, and those who break the law must be held responsible.

Although these mayors promise to immediately finance their police forces appropriately, fixing the existing issues in these communities will be a lengthy and tough endeavor based on their first “scorched earth” strategy.

Mayors that defunded their police forces not only saw an increase in crime, but they also exacerbated the problem by harming recruiting, hiring, retention, and morale for police personnel, as well as destroying any prior trust between them, their supervisors, and elected officials.

In order for major metropolitan police forces to adjust, they will need time. For their part, cops will be suspicious of any assurances made by their mayors. Crime is expected to continue to plague major cities far into the year 2022, as citizens and companies continue to leave.

“Defund the Police” is problematic for these mayors because of the way Mayor Lori Lightfoot has handled defunding and restricting her police force in Chicago, which undoubtedly ranks as the most violent city in the nation.

We don’t have to go much farther than the city of Chicago to see exactly how disastrous “Defund the Police” has been for these mayors. Chicago is likely the most violent city in the nation due of the way Mayor Lori Lightfoot has handled defunding and restricting her police force.

In order to battle crime in her community, the mayor has asked for federal law enforcement aid, and I am not certain that the federal government should step in and assist quickly. Prior to receiving any federal aid, the mayor should be expected to demonstrate that she is capable of managing and using her own police department properly.

It also precludes the prospect of making federal agencies political scapegoats, as has been done in the past by this mayor and others with regard to their own local police units. Every mayor who has defunded his police force should be held accountable for the catastrophe they have produced as a result of this ill-conceived experiment.

Note that although the Biden administration has said that defunding police is not an option, it has taken no action against any of these communities in the manner of withholding federal public safety payments or using any of the other options available to the federal government.

Mayors and national elected officials who voted in favor of defunding law enforcement must be held responsible, and voters must be more discriminating in who they select for the next election.




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