[VIDEO] Reporter Thinks She’s Gonna Spread Fake News, But Mother Nature Has Other Plans

[VIDEO] Reporter Thinks She’s Gonna Spread Fake News, But Mother Nature Has Other Plans

It’s not shocking how the left-wing media has spread lies upon lies about what happened on January 6th, but it is stomach-turning.


They painted what happened like an armed insurrection where Trump supporters beat a cop to death with a fire extinguisher (the New York Times actually reported that story).

When in reality, a new CBS poll shows most Americans see the January 6th event as a protest that got rowdy.

And that’s exactly what it was.

But Dems need January 6th to be as bad as 9/11 so they can use it to take down President Trump.

Nobody was “armed,” and nobody was marching on the Capitol to take over the US government, or to stop the election.

Most of those people who attend the rally are good patriots who were frustrated their votes didn’t matter.

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And speaking of that…another new poll shows most Americans think cheating affected 2020.

If you ask me, I think most Americans fully understand how many of those people felt that day.

So, when a BBC reporter filed a live report at the Capitol, she thought she’d be able to peddle her propaganda and get in and out pretty quickly.

But that’s not exactly what happened…

Eighteen seconds into her Globalist Regime talking points, God decided that he’d heard enough, and he shut the interview down… BIG TIME

Ha ha ha ha.


You can watch the video below:



I just love it when pompous political and media elites get taken down a peg or two.

And this lady here got walloped good!

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