Photo of Jeff Bezo’s And His Female Servant Sparks Major Outrage

Photo of Jeff Bezo’s And His Female Servant Sparks Major Outrage

If there’s one thing most can agree on, is that the COVID pandemic has been a booming business for the elites.


Companies like Door Dash, Amazon, and InstaCart have gotten even richer off the lockdowns and the closing of middle-class small businesses.

Politicians have made a killing on all their Big Pharma stocks, and elites are having the times of their lives.

While the rest of us are masked-up and locked in our homes, the world has become their oyster.

Fancy French restaurants, beauty spas, lavish vacations, and Birthday bashes on Martha’s Vineyard… all amid this so-called deadly pandemic.

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The people who are telling us to “fear” the virus, are the people who appear to be the least afraid.

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It definitely feels like a new “class warfare” has been born. The lowly peasant workers, slaving away under the tyrannical restrictions, and dutifully serving their elite masters, while all masked-up.

And that “feeling” was just perfectly captured in one picture…

It’s a photo of mask-free, sun-worshiping billionaire Jeff Bezos and his friends, lounging around on what appears to be a boat (yacht?) while a masked servant waits on him hand and foot.

This picture perfectly encapsulates exactly what many people feel about this virus.

Class warfare.


“Here’s Jeff Bezos, net worth $195 billion, owner of the Washington Post, on his yacht, being attended to by a masked servant. Take a good look, because this is the world the New Normals are ushering into being. This is not an argument about a virus. It’s a fight. Pick a side.”

Here are some comments from folks online:

“You will own nothing and you will be happy”. #TheGreatReset

“America’s new Aristocracy. And so many Americans have signed up to be part of the ever obedient servant class.”

“Know your place, plebian. And bow to your master.”

“The symbolism is ugly, non-sensical, and needs to go away.”

“So many levels of evil here”

We are NOT all in this together. #NeverForget

“They’ve basically brought back slavery.”

“I wonder if the left will come out and yell that Bezos should pay his fair share?”

“Modern salvery.”

“This is a picture of modern slavery. Remember how the rich were served by slaves… Now they are masked, its showing disgusting distaste of sub standard human being, this whole scene would be different without the mask. The mask is symbolic.”

Rules are not for the rich. #scumbag #JeffBezos

“It’s all about creating a second, subservient class.”

“Masks don’t work and never have. Only the rich get to make the rules”

Pick ur side and fight like hell. #MassPsychosis

“This is the new normal our government is fighting for.”

This is a bad look.


But it’s a “look” that we keep seeing over and over again… so, there is definitely a pattern forming, and it’s disturbing.

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