New Details On Sudden Death of Bob Saget Spark More Mystery and Confusion

New Details On Sudden Death of Bob Saget Spark More Mystery and Confusion

America’s favorite dad, Bon Saget died suddenly.


He was only 65-years-old, and was found dead in his Florida hotel room. Saget was staying at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando.

Now, new details are emerging about the death of “Danny Tanner” and they’re sparking more mystery and confusion.

Daily Mail reported that Full House legend Bob Saget was found lying on his bed ‘cold to the touch, yellow and clammy’, according to a police report obtained by

Ritz-Carlton Staff determined that the actor last used his key to enter his room at 2.17am on Sunday, several hours after he finished his stand up show in Jacksonville, Florida.

Security officer Jody Lee Harrison entered room 962 on Sunday afternoon after concerned family contacted the hotel. He found Saget ‘unresponsive and not breathing,’ wrote Officer Adrian Gonzalez.

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‘Mr. Harrison received no response after knocking several times and attempted to gain entry,’ his report states.

‘Mr. Harrison entered the room and noted all the lights were off. He proceeded to the bedroom and located Mr. Saget in his bed.

‘He stated Mr. Saget was ‘cold to the touch, yellow and clammy’. He checked for breathing and a pulse but none were detected. It was at this time he had his dispatch call 9-1-1.

‘Mr. Saget used his room key to enter the room at 0217 hours this date. As previously stated several attempts were made to open the door, after check out time, by hotel security for their check of well-being.’

The report states Saget was declared deceased at 4:18pm, 11 minutes after the 911 call. The officer says he saw nothing untoward.

‘I checked the immediate area for signs of foul play. It should be noted none were found. The room itself was orderly with items owned by Mr. Saget on the nightstand, television stand, closet and bathroom,’ he wrote.


‘Mr. Saget was found in a supine position on his bed. His left arm was across his chest while his right arm was resting on the bed. No signs of trauma were seen.’

The report said a homicide team was notified as a matter of routine while officers broke the tragic news to Saget’s next of kin.

‘Corporal Brian Meadows (HO11) responded to the scene with the Forensics Unit. While on scene, hotel management spoke with Mr. Saget’s wife, Kelly Rizzo, over the phone to inform her of his passing,’ the document states.

‘This decision was made after consulting with their legal team. The scene was turned over to Homicide while maintained scene security for the duration.’

The Sheriff’s office stressed in an accompanying release that Saget’s death was not being treated as a homicide.

It’s so odd that he died just out of nowhere like that.

And the fact that he was “yellow” also seems odd to me, although, I’m not a doctor, obviously.


His toxicology report and autopsy (if they order one) will tell us more.

Either way, sad to hear this. He brought many people a great deal of joy.

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