Watch: New “Build Back Dead” Ad Brilliantly Uses “Walking Dead” to Highlight Biden’s Failures

Watch: New “Build Back Dead” Ad Brilliantly Uses “Walking Dead” to Highlight Biden’s Failures

I don’t know if ya’ll remember the great meme-maker Carpe Donktum.


He was one of the best, and actually, he did some official work for the Trump campaign.

Well, of course, Twitter banned him as they do with any conservative with a big following who is making too many waves and mocking the political elites.

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But his amazing work lives on, and we just got a new “ad” from him called “Build Back Dead,” and it’s a brilliant piece based on the hit AMC series “The Walking Dead.”

Using brain-dead zombies is a perfect way to highlight all Joe’s failures, and that’s why “Build Back Dead” is so powerful.

The video just came out, so you’ll be among the first to see it.

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I think you’ll agree, that every politician on the right should use this as part of their 2022 mid-term campaign.

Yes, it’s THAT GOOD.


You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying about this amazing new clip:

“This is so good, I wish every single candidate on our side would run it” 

“The left are a bunch of zombies, so this seems very accurate” 

“We have some of the best meme artists in our side” 

“Wow this really captures the whole dystopian vibe of Biden’s America” 

“Now THIS is powerful stuff. Really miss seeing Carpe’s stuff, but this was worth the wait.” 

“Biden is not cool enough to play that character in the video. Should have made him a zombie with a walker LOL” 


I agree, this is a great video and we really do have the best and most creative artists around.

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