[VIDEO] During Atlanta Speech, Biden Said One Line That Gave The Whole Game Away

[VIDEO] During Atlanta Speech, Biden Said One Line That Gave The Whole Game Away

Joe Biden shuffled off to Atlanta today with his cackling sidekick Kamala, where the two of them started hawking this “federal election” bill like a couple of carnival barkers.


Basically, it’s a bill that will allow floods of mail-in ballot during every election. We all know how much Dems love to ballot harvest.

But it’s actually a helluva lot worse than that, and while Joe was talking about it in Atlanta, he let a line sip that gave the entire game away, and revealed the lengths that he and his DOJ will go to in order to undo everything that Republican state legislatures have put in place to safeguard and protect our elections.

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In other words, we’ll have 2020 “banana republic” elections from now until the sun burns out.

Heritage Communication’s guy John Cooper caught the line and said this: “Passing H.R. 4 “would mean that the Justice Department can stop discriminatory laws before they go into effect.” Biden just gave the game away — his DOJ thinks voter ID and other safeguards are discriminatory, would block states from passing those laws. ”

You can watch the video below:

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This is scary stuff, folks.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Soon communist America”

“For the record, Biden and the Democrats don’t want you to show any proof of identification to vote at the same time they are advocating that people show proof of vaccination to eat and drink in restaurants or bars…”

“How is that even constitutional? They seem to think anything they say then corrupt politicians “pass” is law. Even the Supreme Court should be ignored when they ignore the constitution.”

“It is underestimated just how dangerous Biden is.”

“So the Executive Branch can just override the Legislative? How is this not tyranny?”

“I absolutely despise my government.”

This is why Joe suddenly wants to kill the filibuster.


Biden can’t push this tyranny through with the filibuster in place… and Dems desperately need this “federal election takeover.” Without it, we will beat them fair and square at the ballot box and they can’t have that.

So you know they’re suited up and ready to fight.

Get ready for the next big battle – it’s the most important one yet.

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