Conservative Radio Host Has Theory On Biden’s “Diabolical” Motive Behind OSHA Vax Mandate

Conservative Radio Host Has Theory On Biden’s “Diabolical” Motive Behind OSHA Vax Mandate

I know this may not be news” to some of you. You may read this and say, “DUH MISSY,” and I get that, but it’s worth repeating, and there are still many people out there who don’t fully “grasp” how evil and cunning the communist Dems truly are.


So, I really liked this tweet that I saw from conservative radio host Jason Rantz.

I thought he explained the “theory” about what Biden’s Handlers were really doing with the vax mandate, perfectly and I wanted to share with those who “get it,” and those who don’t.

Basically, in a nutshell, the theory is this – Joe Biden’s Handlers knew all along the OSHA mandate wouldn’t work and it was a stunt to force Americans to get the jab. They knew they’d lose in the end, but before that day came along, they’d be able to scare a good chunk of Americans into getting the vaccine.

So, they pretended to care about everyone’s health, knowing full-well, the vax mandate would do nothing to the spread, and would never pass SCOTUS, but they pushed forward anyway in order to strong-arm Americans into taking a vaccine that doesn’t work as promised.

Biden and his elite pals don’t care if Americans lose their jobs as long as big pharma keeps getting rich.

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I just don’t think you can get more evil than that… except when they actually unleashed the virus on us.

Whoops, did I say that out loud? Don’t ding me, I’m just joking fact-checkers!!

But seriously, here’s what Jason said: “Keep in mind: the Biden admin. always knew OSHA couldn’t enforce the unconstitutional vaccine mandate on private businesses. They intentionally pushed it to put pressure on people to get vaccinated. They failed on messaging around vaccinations and abused our systems as a result.”


And it looks like that theory holds water with many people. Top-rated pollster Richard Baris also chimed in.

It’s unreal the lengths that Team Biden and the media went through to push a vaccine and booster that don’t stop the spread.

Everyone and their vaccinated brother seems to have COVID right now.

If I got three flu shots in one year and still got the flu, I’d be pissed and telling my doctor that his cruddy shot didn’t work.


Thank God that SCOTUS blocked Biden’s mandate, that’s great news for many Americans – sadly, our medical professionals are still reeling with this mandate, and of course, Joe is still pushing for corporations to implement their own private vaccine mandate.

He’s such an evil, evil man.

Many companies will implement their own “mandates,” thanks to Joe, but I think they’ll reverse course over time.

Sadly though, many Americans will still suffer.

Never forgive our government for doing this to the American people.

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