Dems Doing It Again! Biden Reportedly Trying To Find A Way To Get Around SCOTUS Decision

Dems Doing It Again! Biden Reportedly Trying To Find A Way To Get Around SCOTUS Decision

Back in the day, we were told a decision from the United States Supreme Court was the last word on the issue. Then we saw how the homosexual community overturned the people’s vote of California to get same-sex marriage into law a few years ago.

Now it seems that Joe Biden will be looking for the same formula.

The Supreme Court made it plain on Thursday that the White House’s vaccination requirement for major private companies was illegal under the Constitution.

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration order was a “emergency temporary standard,” which meant that all private businesses with 100 or more workers were expected to guarantee that their workforces were completely vaccinated against COVID-19, or else they would be subject to weekly testing. In the event that you refused to comply with the obligation, you would have been subject to penalties of $14,000 per infringement.

According to an unsigned ruling of the court, “while Congress has unquestionably granted OSHA the authority to control occupational hazards, it has not given the agency the authority to regulate public health in a more comprehensive manner.”

“Requiring the vaccination of 84 million Americans, who were chosen solely on the basis of their employment with companies with more over 100 workers, undoubtedly falls into the latter category,” the report said.

The president immediately started doing everything in his power to get around the ruling of the Supreme Court.

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In a statement published by the White House on Thursday, Biden expressed disappointment that the broad mandate would not be maintained.

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“I am unhappy that the Supreme Court has opted to strike down common-sense life-saving rules for workers of major corporations that were based on sound scientific and legal principles,” he said in a statement. Employers may demand vaccines or allow employees to decline immunizations under the terms of an emergency standard, as long as they were tested once a week and wore a mask at work, which was a very minor hardship.”

After that, the president advised states and companies to proceed as if the OSHA rule had not been overturned.

It is now up to states and individual employers to decide whether to make their workplaces as safe as possible for employees, and whether their businesses will be safe for consumers, during this pandemic by requiring employees to take the simple and effective step of getting vaccinated, according to the Supreme Court’s decision.

In his statement, Biden said, “While the Court has ruled that my administration cannot use the authority granted to it by Congress to require this measure, this does not prevent me from using my voice as President to advocate for employers who are doing the right thing to protect Americans’ health and economy.”

Business leaders, including one-third of the Fortune 100 corporations, should immediately follow suit and impose vaccine obligations to safeguard their employees, customers, and communities, “says President Barack Obama. ”

The president did express his appreciation for another Supreme Court judgment, which came down on Thursday.

While the court struck down the Biden administration’s OSHA-enforced vaccine mandate for private employers, it chose to uphold the mandate for federally funded health care workers issued by the Department of Health and Human Services’ Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, according to a statement.

It was said in their decision that “the problems created by a pandemic do not permit a federal agency to wield authority that has not been delegated to it by Congress.”

In the same vein, “unique circumstances” give no justification for restricting the use of powers that the agency has long been known to possess.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas expressed his displeasure with the outcome in his dissent.

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It is neither the effectiveness or significance of COVID-19 vaccinations that are at issue in these circumstances.” They are primarily concerned with whether CMS has the legislative power to coerce healthcare employees into undergoing a medical treatment that they do not want and cannot reverse,” Thomas stated in his letter.

The COVID-obsessed White House, on the other hand, was not satisfied with that triumph.

Following the Supreme Court’s warning to the president — and the rest of the country — that enacting a broad vaccine mandate for private employers was crossing the line, Vice President Joe Biden responded by demanding that states and businesses pick up the slack left by his administration’s inability to implement the mandate.

It is to be hoped that they would not cooperate with his desperate action.




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