Reminder: High-Ranking Russian Official Called Out “Biden’s Dementia” to The Entire World

Reminder: High-Ranking Russian Official Called Out “Biden’s Dementia” to The Entire World

As we head into a nightmare situation with Russia, I wanted to remind you of something that a high-ranking Russian official said about Joe Biden last March.

We just got word that things may escalate overseas, and Joe Biden’s Handlers are now considering sending troops, warships, and aircraft to NATO allies.

Many are wondering why is Russia doing this? They certainly didn’t act like this while President Trump was in office.

Well, there are a lot of reasons, but one of them is that Russia doesn’t respect Joe Biden.

As a matter of fact last March, a top Russian official actually called out Biden for having Dementia.

It happened when Biden made the huge mistake of trying to play “tough guy” with Russian President Putin.


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Biden, trying to look like a bada**, told a story – that sounded like “Corn Pop” gibberish – where he supposedly looked Putin square in the eye and called him a “killer” back when he was Obama’s VP.

Yeah, right, Joe.

Meanwhile, Obama’s WH stenographer who attended that meeting with Putin and Biden in Moscow, said Putin actually “b**tch slapped” Joe Biden “KGB-style.”

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After Biden told the story, Putin responded by challenging Biden to a public debate – Putin knows full-well that Biden can’t speak and think on his feet, so that was a definite jab at Biden’s mental state.

Obviously, Biden didn’t agree to the debate. My God, the man needs one month and 14 medical cocktails just to prepare for a news conference.


But after that exchange with Putin, several other high-ranking Russian officials chimed in about Biden’s ridiculous comments. And one official, in particular, called out Joe Biden’s “dementia” for the entire world to hear.

From Fox 61

Dmitry Medvedev, the deputy head of Russia’s Security Council who served as president in 2008-2012 when Putin had to shift into the premier’s job because of term limits, said that “time hasn’t spared” the 78-year-old Biden and cited Sigmund Freud as saying, “Nothing costs so much in life as illness and stupidity.”

And Andrei Turchak, the leader of the main pro-Kremlin United Russia party, described Biden’s remarks as a reflection of “the U.S. political marasmus and its leader’s dementia.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov deplored what he called “very bad remarks by the U.S. president,” noting that that “there was nothing like that in history.”
Konstantin Kosachev, a deputy speaker of the Russian parliament’s upper house, said Biden’s “boorish statement” marks a watershed in Washington’s relations with Moscow, warning that Russia’s response wouldn’t be limited to recalling its ambassador “if the American side fails to offer explanation and excuse.”

We were all waiting for the US media to correct this Russian official and tell him it’s not dementia or Alzheimer’s — it’s actually just a “childhood stutter.”



Now, as we watch this international nightmare unfold, it’s more obvious than ever that Joe Biden is a joke on the world’s stage…and his lies and stupid “stories” of grandeur have endangered the American people by causing serious issues within our foreign policy.

Russia literally thinks we’re being led by an Alzheimer’s patient, so why wouldn’t they use this opportunity to invade another country.

Joe Biden’s cognitive issues will end up getting people killed.

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