We Now Know Who’s Doing The Real “Dirty Work” Behind The Scenes in Biden’s WH

We Now Know Who’s Doing The Real “Dirty Work” Behind The Scenes in Biden’s WH

Joe Biden’s White House is in utter chaos right now.


Yes, it’s partially because of his poll numbers, but it’s mainly because the man responsible for pulling the “White House” strings is out of control, and many moderate Dems believe if he’s not stopped, the entire Democrat Party will be dragged into the black hole of political hell for years to come.

Some of you might be very familiar with this man, others may not… But a new hit piece from Politico is calling him out, and when that happens, you know the end is likely near…It’s White House chief of staff Ron Klain, and the picture that’s painted of him is nothing short of “elder abuse” and manipulation.

Ron’s only goal is to push the radical left-wing “Bernie” agenda, and he’s doing all he can to make sure Joe doesn’t shuffle out of line.

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Ron Klain has been with Biden since his senate years and while he was VP. He operates under the guise that he and he alone “knows” how Biden thinks and feels, and every decision he makes is based on that magical knowledge he has. The problem is this: Biden doesn’t even know how he thinks and feels. He’s a feeble, senile old man who clearly has a serious cognitive issue.

Ron Klain is all-in with the Bernie progressive agenda. He believes Twitter and left-wing cable news are the most important arenas and speaking directly with the American people is a waste of time.

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It’s easy to see that Ron Klain is your typical elitist liberal male who thinks he knows what’s best for the “bumpkin peasants” of this country.

Breitbart reported that infighting has reportedly struck the White House after President Joe Biden’s approval rating submerged to 33 percent.

Much of the infighting is attributed to Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain’s decision to keep Biden from being amongst the electorate in a “pragmatic” way, NBC News reported.

“Biden has strayed from his core brand as a pragmatic, empathetic politician who won the Democratic nomination as a moderate willing to compromise,” the report said, dissecting Klain’s micromanagement of the president.

As Biden’s Chief of Staff, Klain is the nucleus of office politics, which are said to be rife with “grumbling” “personal score-settling and constraints… on Biden’s ability to reach out,” though top White House officials denied the report.

When Biden was asked at Wednesday’s press conference about what his 2022 reset would entail, Biden blamed coronavirus and not Klain for his detachment from his pragmatic way of “connecting with people.”


The report also accused Klain of giving “outsize credence to cable news and social media” and supported the claim with evidence of incessant tweeting and retweeting to pacify the media.

For instance, last week Klain retweeted an IDB/TIPP poll that showed Biden has a negative approval rating.

Klain’s reported strategy of keeping Biden away from his friends and the electorate comes as polling revealed 49 percent of Americans believe Biden is not mentally fit to be president.

A majority of Americans say Biden is incapable of leading the nation.

Biden was asked about the dreadful polling during Wednesday’s two-hour-long press conference.

“I have no idea,” Biden responded to a question about why Americans believed he is not mentally fit.

Biden doesn’t know what the American people think or feel, because Ron and the Handlers don’t tell him.

Why? Because they truly don’t care what you think or feel.

Ron believes that he’s the smartest man in the room. He’s the guy who knows what’s best for America because Americans are too stupid to know what they need.

The moderate Dems want to get rid of Ron, but Bernie, The Squad, and the rabid radicals want to keep him… He’s pushing their agenda.

Let’s face it, Biden is an empty suit who’s filled with whatever liquid someone else wants to pour in.


The bottom line is this – if Obama wants him gone, he’ll be gone. And these hit pieces coming out now could be just that… Obama may be flexing his muscles, as he watches his “third term empire” collapse.

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