DUPREE: Biden’s Court Losses Keep Adding Up Fast! To Soon To Label Him A “Loser?”

DUPREE: Biden’s Court Losses Keep Adding Up Fast! To Soon To Label Him A “Loser?”

Joe Biden’s idea to “radically reshape” America isn’t going down all that well, to put it mildly. The so-called moderate Democrat has attempted to coerce Americans into accepting his harsh and unilateral dictates by instilling fear and compulsion in them.

Despite the fact that Biden considers himself to be FDR 2.0, his sinking popularity numbers demonstrate that the majority of the public sees him for who he really is: a dissatisfied old guy who is peddling a one-sided form of politics. The more Biden drifts to the left, the more he is compelled to depend on authoritarian commands to carry out his unpopular plans, as he has done.

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A fortunate development is that some of Vice President Biden’s executive orders have been halted in their tracks by the same governmental roadblock: the Supreme Court.

Recently, the court has overturned three of Biden’s most contentious and harmful programs, while also upholding a state legislation that Biden has strongly opposed.

As a result of these humiliating public failures, Biden’s followers began to believe that the struggling president is incapable of keeping the high promises he made during the campaign.

At the end of August, the Supreme Court handed him his first defeat when it upheld previous President Donald Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, which required migrants to remain south of the border while their asylum applications were processed.

The Obama administration rapidly reversed it and other Trump border security plans upon Biden’s arrival in the White House, resulting in an unprecedented wave of illegal immigration.

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This was the first piece of positive news concerning the border since Trump stepped down as president.

Only a few days later, the Supreme Court threw down Biden’s frenzied bid to get his injunction banning landlords from evicting renters who do not pay their rent extended.

In an interview with NPR, members of his administration — notably Gene Sperling, who managed the government’s distribution of COVID relief — conceded that the legal basis for extending the eviction moratorium was at best thin only a few weeks previously. Despite this, Biden opted to go ahead and do it anyway, in order to appease the extreme progressives in his own party by following this dead end in politics.

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Conservatives were ecstatic with the court’s harsh condemnation of Biden’s plainly unlawful actions, which was well reported.

When the Supreme Court declined to overturn a Texas statute prohibiting physicians from conducting abortions if the heartbeat of the unborn child can be detected, the administration erupted in wrath once again. In contrast to earlier legislation in which the state served as the enforcer, Texas established that private persons might sue violations and receive a reward of $10,000 if they were successful.

Biden slammed the measure as “un-American” and predicted that it will lead to a rise in abortion vigilantism among Texans.

The court, on the other hand, denied a request for an injunction against the bill made by pro-abortion organizations.

One of the most significant blows to Biden’s Supreme Court resurgence occurred this week, when the court threw down his vaccination requirement for private companies.

With his announcement in early September that all enterprises with more than 100 workers were required to either vaccinate their personnel or conduct weekly tests on their employees, the president caused widespread economic disruption. As a result, thousands of Americans have been dismissed or abandoned their employment, resulting in a countrywide lack of qualified workers.

In spite of mounting opposition, Biden continued to postpone implementation, almost as if acknowledging that the legislation would not be upheld in its current form.

The Supreme Court handed a death blow to the mandate less than 96 hours after the enforcement mechanism was made available for public use. Millions of people throughout the United States are now exhaling a sigh of relief.

In his remarks, Vice President Biden seems to have a basic misunderstanding of how our constitutional republic operates. The Founders were astute enough to see that concentrating power in a single arm of government would result in horrendous abuses. With the checks and balances that they established, our system has been strengthened against the ever-shifting winds of party politics.

Rapid and substantial social change are nearly hard to achieve using these techniques.

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This fact drives Biden insane because all he wants to do is make significant changes as fast as possible. His passionate ambition to reshape the nation in a communist mold drives him to seek ways to go around the Constitution by any means necessary.

Although he is not the first president to do so, only a few others have had their blatant power grabs so definitively thwarted by the Supreme Court in this manner.

As a result of his “win at all costs” strategy, Biden is paying a high price. After a year in office, his accomplishments are few, and his difficulties are many and numerous. Many of people who voted for him are expected to defect from his party in this year’s midterm elections, something he is well aware of.

As the month of November approaches, the president seems to be becoming more desperate.

It should be noted, however, that if the last six months have taught us anything, it is that the legal system will not enable Biden to steamroll America’s institutions, with a few notable exceptions.

The president is suffering through this horrible losing run because he is refusing to rule from the middle of the political spectrum. He wants to be able to reshape America with the snap of his fingers.

Fortunately, as long as Biden continues to behave in a tyrannical manner, he will be subjected to the possibility of being humiliated by the United States Supreme Court.




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