Authorities On Scene Leak Likely Cause of Bob Saget’s Death…His “Body Position” Gave it Away

Authorities On Scene Leak Likely Cause of Bob Saget’s Death…His “Body Position” Gave it Away

Comedian and actor Bob Saget died suddenly in his Orlando, Florida hotel room a couple of days ago.


His death shocked many, because his family says that he had no underlying medical issues. Polcie said there was no foul play and ruled that Saget died of “natural causes.”

So, what on earth killed a healthy Bob Saget, who was only 65-years-old?

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Well, officials on sight are now leaking out info on the likely death, according to TMZ.

Bob Saget’s cause of death might not be determined for weeks, but law enforcement working the case see signs pointing to a sudden medical emergency — specifically a heart attack or stroke … TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … authorities involved in the investigation say the position in which Bob’s body was found, and a lack of evidence supporting drug use or foul play are the main reasons they suspect a heart attack.

TMZ broke the story … Bob was found in his Ritz-Carlton Orlando hotel room by security. Cops say the comedian was lying face-up on the bed, with his left arm across his chest, and his right arm lying beside him. We’re told the hand on the chest could point to a heart attack.

To make matters more curious, back on December 13th, Bob Saget told a pod-cast caller that he had just gotten his booster shot.


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Many people find Bob’s death very curious, since he was reportedly so “healthy” according to friends and family.


Let’s hope they get to the bottom of what really happened. But sadly, we may never know the actual truth.

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