[VIDEO] New Bombshell Theory Emerges on Why Pelosi and Bowser Refused Trump’s National Guard Request on Jan 6th

[VIDEO] New Bombshell Theory Emerges on Why Pelosi and Bowser Refused Trump’s National Guard Request on Jan 6th

The January 6th witch-hunt is another Democrat PR stunt. Same as the others, like Kavanaugh and the two fake impeachments of President Trump.


It’s performative political theatre, and this is one of the biggest shows they’ve put on to date because they need this performance to be Oscar-worthy if they have any hopes of stopping President Trump.

So, all bets are off, and every chip they have is on the table.

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One thing worth noting before we get too far into this is that to date, they have not charged one single person arrested at the Capitol with any criminal charge related to “inciting an insurrection.” And that’s because nobody there did anything even remotely close to an “insurrection,” and we all know it.

So, just want to put that out there as a friendly reminder.

But it’s Lee Smith, an author and columnist for Epoch Times that has tossed out a new “theory” as to why Mayor Bowser and Pelosi BOTH rejected Trump’s request for the National Guard on January 6th.

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And it’s a doozy…


Big Jan 6 question: Why did Capitol Police & Metro PD reject offer of National Guard help? Put another way: why didn’t Pelosi & Bowser want DoD on ground watching what they had planned? Important Kash Patel interview

In short, Lee is saying that Bowser and Pelosi didn’t want the “DoD” on the ground (the National Guard) because someone might have caught wind about what was really going on.

Interesting, right? 

Lee’s theory emerges, after an interview with Bill O’Reilly and the former chief of staff to the Secretary of Defense under President Trump, Kash Patel.

Patel is the one who exposed both the January 6th Committee and the Capitol Police and DC Mayor.

You can watch the video below:

As with everything associated with the Dems, whatever they’re accusing someone of is actually what they’re doing themselves.

This has been a pattern that’s played out forever with these communist ghouls, and January 6th is no different.

President Trump unwittingly walked into a trap.


In my humble opinion, the Dems, Deep State, and GOP establishment saw the massive January 6th event as an opportunity to set up Trump and his supporters with just a few key moves.

Why not?

It’s the same thing they did with the Russia Hoax, and that worked out for them, even though it was all bullh*t.

So, it only makes sense that they’d run the same basic game plan again, doesn’t it?

They’ve got absolutely nothing to lose.

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