Confusing Disaster Unfolding With Justice Breyer’s So-Called “Retirement”

Confusing Disaster Unfolding With Justice Breyer’s So-Called “Retirement”

I hardly finished my last piece on the “hidden clue” inside Justice Breyer’s retirement, and I find he had no plans on announcing any retirement today.



Well, at the very least, this now looks like it’s a “forced retirement” and Breyer will be out — like it or not.

So, it all started with media reports claiming that Breyer was retiring. Obviously, someone leaked that to the press, because it did not come with any official statement from Breyer at all.

Everyone was running with it, reporters were barking questions at sleepy/confused Joe, and communists on Twitter were cheering for joy.

Oh, and that piece I just finished on the “clue inside Breyer’s retirement” — well, it still stands, and the case I presented is even stronger now after this latest disaster unfolded.

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According to Fox News’ Shannon Bream, Justice Breyer had no intention of announcing any retirement today and he’s now “upset” over how all of this played out.

So, it appears Dems are so desperate to get a new SCOTUS in there because their entire party is imploding that they are literally strong-arming this poor old guy and forcing him to retire.

Here’s how it probably played out:

Schumer today 9:00 am:

Breyer, we need you to retire NOW. 

Breyer today 9:05 am: I am not ready to retire. I have many years left in me!

Schumer today 9:10 am: Hi, New York Times? Justice Breyer just told me he’s retiring today!!

They are definitely putting the squeeze on him.


Here’s what Shannon Bream said on Twitter: “Multiple sources tell me Justice Breyer was not planning to announce his retirement today. They describe him as “upset” with how this has played out. We still await any official notice from his office and/or the #SCOTUS public information office.”

Shannon has an update to her earlier tweet, which tells me the squeeze has really gotten to Breyer.

Here’s what she said:

“A bit more clarity. I’m told Justice Breyer had firmly decided on his own to retire and that an announcement was due very soon. And while it appears someone jumped the gun on that, better to characterize him as surprised by events today than “upset”.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Does this mean he was basically forced into retirement?”

“Very unprofessional of the “leaker”!”

“This guy was told to retire, he didn’t do on it his own, no matter what they say” 

“Dems are collapsing right before our very eyes, and I love it” 

“Wow, this party of clowns can’t do anything right, they even screw up a fake retirement” 

“Be funny if he said, “somebody lied and it ain’t true, I’m here until I die”!”

“They’re trying to force his hand. He should stay on out of spite.”

So, we’ll never know the truth about Justice Breyer’s so-called “retirement,” but it certainly looks odd, doesn’t it?


Bryer is a progressive, so it doesn’t shock me that he’d play the political game with Dems, but I think the way this played out shows that there was likely more going on behind the scenes.

Based on the “shock” or “surprise,” from Breyer, I’d say he was “told” he was retiring today.

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