They’re Starting to Buckle…Canadian Official Calls to End Cross-Border Ban on Unvaccinated Truckers

They’re Starting to Buckle…Canadian Official Calls to End Cross-Border Ban on Unvaccinated Truckers

The Canadian capital city of Ottawa is flooded with patriots right now.


It looks like a patriotic peaceful freedom revolution, and it’s just getting started.


Here’s a live look at Parliament:

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Justin Trudeau said it was a small fringe group that didn’t represent Canadians…

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Well, he’s probably singing a different tune right now, while he’s hiding out in his house.

Because this is not small and it’s not fringe, and more and more people are showing their support for the popular movement.

So much so, that they’re starting to crack.


The Premier of Saskatchewan is now calling to end the mandates on unvaxxed truckers.

Here’s a closeup of the letter:



Hold the line, truckers, you’ve got this!


God Bless the Freedom Truckers and all Canadians who are protesting for freedom.

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