We Now The Person’s Name Who’s Behind The Left’s January 6th “Candle Light Vigil” Set For Today

We Now The Person’s Name Who’s Behind The Left’s January 6th “Candle Light Vigil” Set For Today

It’s January 6th, and as predicted, the Dems, media, and even some Republicans are turning today into a political circus.

Kamala and Joe have already compared January 6th, where someone sat in Pelosi’s chair, to the deadly carnage of 9/11 and Pearl Harbor.


I’d like to remind you what January 20th, 2017 looked like, when President Trump was inaugurated.


Do you recall any outrage over this from Dems and media?

No? Me either.

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While Americans suffer through Biden inflation, bare shelves, soaring crime and gas prices, Dems and media will spend the day bemoaning the so-called January 6th apocalyptical death blow to democracy.

They are so wildly out of touch.

But that’s typical for elites. They don’t know or care what concerns us lowly peasants.

Dems have a whole day of festivities planned, including a “candle light vigil” to mark the occasion.

So, who is behind all of this? Who’s organizing these events, like today’s vigil?

Well, now we know… and it will probably not shock you, but it’ll make you sick.


It’s a group called Movement Catalyst. You probably haven’t heard of this group, but when I tell you who their leader is and what they’ve done in the past, it’ll all click into place.

A Twitter thread written by Kyle Shideler, Director/Senior Analyst for Homeland Security & Counterterrorism, exposes exactly what’s going on with this January 6 “celebration.”

Take a look:

“So the “Candle Light Vigil for Democracy” being held for the Dem’s J6-apoolza, is being organized by a group called Movement Catalyst. Whose the leader of MC? Well lemme show you.”

“Liz Butler. Also co-founder of “Shutdown DC. Same group which tormented Rep. Josh Hawley’s wife, and held a planning call with Lisa Fithian where they discussed occupying government buildings in the event Trump should win.”


Here’s a snip on Butler from me and @davereaboi’s piece before the election:


“Oh her buddy Patrick Young is a member too. It’s basically just Shutdown DC. So… lol. That’s how much the Dems care about rowdy protests that occupy federal buildings.”


“Btw Shutdown DC was sponsored by a straight up Antifa group, All-Out DC.”

All Out DC claims they are an “umbrella organization” formed after Inauguration Day 2017 (January 20, or J20) to connect activist groups in Washington, DC, for the purpose of strengthening local organizing in the heart of the empire.

So, radical anti-American Marxists groups, the same types of people who unleashed mass anti-Trump rioting from Antifa and BLM terrorists, are now coordinating a “candle light vigil” to help Democrats turn January 6th into a political weapon to attack Trump and his supporters.


They’re doing the same exact thing they did on January 20th, 2017, but without all the Molotov cocktails and baseball bats.

So, now you know who’s behind the events that are unfolding today.

Don’t be fooled; this is yet another well-coordinated political hit job from Democrats. And Republicans like Liz Cheney, and Ted Cruz, who called everyone at the Capitol “terrorists” yesterday, are validating the left’s agenda.

We need fighters who stand with us.

Not weak politicians who buckle and toe the line for Democrats.

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