Photo Emerges From Dem “Candlelight Vigil” That Has Conservatives Spitting Mad 

Photo Emerges From Dem “Candlelight Vigil” That Has Conservatives Spitting Mad 

Conservatives are at a breaking point with these do-nothing, weak, mealy mouthed Republicans who have stood by while the country crumbles.


I can count on one hand – and still have fingers left over – the number of Republicans who’ve stood with us on the 2020 election issue. They can’t be bothered to even talk about it. They don’t want their colleagues across the aisle to call them “Qooks” or “conspiracy theorists” on MSNBC or CNN – two gong show fake news channels – so they sit there silent, with their thumbs up their butts while we seethe with anger over what happened.

Most of them are probably happy Trump’s gone.

Meanwhile Dems are out there telling everyone there’s 67 genders and claiming men can have babies without a care in the world.

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If the GOP actually had balls to fight and weren’t the meek little weaklings they sadly are, the Dems would think twice about pulling half the shenanigans they do now.

The reason Dems get away all the lies, cheating, power-grabs, and political stunts like the January 6th circus they pulled off on Thursday, is because the GOP is afraid of them or agrees with them or both.

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At the very bare minimum, the GOP could have said, “Hey, January 6th was a year ago, everyone’s moved on. Americans are suffering because of inflation and bare shelves, let’s talk about that…”

Instead, we’ve got Ted Cruz calling MAGA patriots terrorists and Mitch McConnell standing outside holding a fake candle on the Capitol steps singing “God Bless America” through his germ-infested mask with a coven of demonic Democrats.

Yep, in case you didn’t know it, a photo has emerged of our fearless Republican leader standing there shoulder-to-shoulder with Schumer and Pelosi, mourning over some office chair that a dirty peasant sat in for 10 minutes, one year ago.


It’s just stomach-turning.

And we keep allowing them to do it, because we keep electing these same buffoons and allowing them to “lead us.”

It’s a vicious cycle, and I don’t know why we can’t break it.


Here are some comments from frustrated conservatives online:

“That’s it. He needs to go ASAP”

“Anyone who thinks this old traitor can lead us is smoking crack with Hunter Biden” 

“alllll the dinosaurs must go – they do not serve the american people well at all – they only serve themselves”

“Whatever happens in 2022, this guy can’t be anywhere near a leadership position” 

“Mitch has been playing for the other team for a long time now” 

“The scary part is that many MAGA people trusted this traitor, and maybe they still do?”

“Every one of these cheating, lying dinosaurs needs to go NOW” 

“I might get sh*t for saying this, but the reason they scam us is because we keep letting them”

“Mitched picked his side a long time ago and it’s not OUR SIDE” 

“What a useless bunch they are. Embarrassing Mitch did this. Time for him to go out to pasture” 

“We can’t win with these backstabbers leading us” 

“I’m embarrassed for Mitch McConnell” 

The biggest question we need to ask ourselves is this: What exactly do we think we’ll accomplish with Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy at the helm?

Will our America First agenda shine?


Will they address our suspicions about 2020?


Will Mitch and Kevin shake things up and delve into the January 6th FBI theory and investigate Pelosi and Bowser?



Let me tell you what they’ll do…

Mitch will approve and block some judges and McCarthy will spin his wheels pretending to investigate a few “Deep State approved” issues.

The End.

So, if that’s what we want, let’s keep those two bozos where they are.

If we want something different and want to see some genuine change, let’s take a stand now and get very loud and demand better for ourselves and our country.

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