[VIDEO] CBS Shares Clip Using SHEEP to Promote COVID Vaccine and Completely Misses The Irony

[VIDEO] CBS Shares Clip Using SHEEP to Promote COVID Vaccine and Completely Misses The Irony

There are moments in life when you just own yourself, and I think CBS is feeling that today. If they’re not feeling it, they should be, after they posted a clip of SHEEP to promote the COVID vaccine.


I mean, this is just dripping with irony, right?

CBS shared the video clip of a team-builder in Germany who used 700 sheep and goats to form the shape of a COVID-19 vaccine syringe, in order to spread the message about getting the vaccine.

Did the “team-builder” or CBS ever stop to contemplate the irony here?

No. They didn’t, but the people who watched the clip certainly did.

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You can watch the video below:

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Here’s what people online had to say about the sheep promoting COVID vaccine:


“”I don’t think this means what you think it means.” – Inigo Montoya”


“Do you think they catch the irony here, or no?” 

“Um… he used sheep! Either CBS didn’t get it or he isn’t very bright.”

“The devout are using animals to create religious art now…”

“LOL, this is hilarious and requires no comment. Well done whoever put this together, you made a strong point.”

“The message being “These sheep lined up for a syringe and so should you””

“Using SHEEP to push the vaccine. Briliant. Thank you.”

“In the total state livestock are herded into the shape of sacred symbols to signal faith in the regime”

“They are just laughing at you now.”

“Another perfect troll”

“Great metaphor”

“I saw this yesterday and thought it was satire. I’m astonished.”

“They… thought it was a good idea… to use…. sheep LOL” 

“Hahaha seems to me the message is that everyone getting vaccinated are sheep…”

You almost have to wonder, was the “Team-Builder” really trying to promote the vaccine, or was he possibly making another, more BOLD statement?


Things that make you go “hmmm…”

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