[VIDEO] CDC Cleverly Uses “Good Morning America” Audience to Completely Change The Plot

[VIDEO] CDC Cleverly Uses “Good Morning America” Audience to Completely Change The Plot

Why did the CDC choose to go on “Good Morning America” recently?


Well, they’re changing the entire plot, so they wanted to make sure they reached as many “average Americans” as humanly possible.

And when I say they’re now changing the plot, I’m not kidding. They’re watching the COVID virus sink Joe Biden and the Dems chances in the 2022 midterms, and the CDC is now running interference and changing the entire game.

The head of the CDC appeared on GMA, where she told the heart of the country that a whopping 75% of COVID deaths occurred in people who had AT LEAST 4 comorbidities.

Yes, you heard that right…75% and at least 4 comorbidities.

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But this won’t shock most who read this – we had this figured out a couple years ago. But they called us “conspiracy theorists” and “Q Kooks” for suggesting the astronomical COVID death numbers were sketchy as all get out.

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We’ve been saying all along that the “died WITH COVID” numbers differs greatly from the “died FOM COVID” numbers. And we wanted to know why the government was lumping both of them together.

It made no sense, except to spread fear and panic.

So, it wasn’t politically expediential for the government to admit the truth about those “WITH” and “FROM numbers way back when. After all, they had to get rid of President Trump, push a vaccine and boosters, and create a new world globalist order in pretty short time.

Now, as the political walls crumble all around them, it’s become necessary to pull back and admit the truth, so they’re reaching as many “normal” Americans as possible, and peddling this new (truthful narrative) on “Good Morning America.”


These globalists have no shame. 

You can watch the video below:

Think about this: the government has spent two years turning half the country into psychotic hypochondriacs and now, they want to walk it all back.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“This psy-op succeeded in removing Trump from office and ratcheting up the size of government but its become a tactical liability. The despots need society to return to some semblance of normality before the November mid-terms.”

“They have known this for 18 months. They also plan to change the cause of death for people who died with covid from those who died from covid because they can’t have Joe’s numbers greater than Trump’s, especially when he claimed he would “shut down the virus.” Pure politics.”

“They did this to half the world. It was a GLOBAL project” 

“How many of these deaths could have been avoided with early treatment/off label drugs? Thousands.”

“ironically it was the high risk people that the vaccine was supposed to benefit most to begin with!”

“If they would have told people this upfront and been very clear then half the country wouldn’t be insane lunatics”

In order to push a narrative, the government has turned half the county insane, pitted American against American, destroyed a generation of children, bankrupted countless small businesses and ruined millions of lives.


This has been the most evil plot foisted upon humanity since slavery and the Holocaust.

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