CENTCOM Releases Afghanistan Drone Strike Footage That Killed 10 Civilians; Huge Biden Failure

CENTCOM Releases Afghanistan Drone Strike Footage That Killed 10 Civilians; Huge Biden Failure

The Central Command (Centcom) of the United States released declassified film on Wednesday depicting the minutes leading up to, during, and after the botched Kabul drone attack carried out by the United States in late August that resulted in the deaths of ten Afghan citizens.

The tape, which consists of around 25 minutes of video, was originally made public by The New York Times after a Freedom of Information Act complaint filed against Centcom.

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The film, according to the publication, was misconstrued by authorities who ordered the drone hit on August 29, despite the fact that the photos are at times impossible to distinguish from one another.

One color video given by Centcom, which had significantly greater clarity than a second black and white film, showed children playing outdoors and a person unlocking the right door of a white automobile on the outskirts. After the drone attack, footage showed water being put on the blaze, according to the report.

The black and white footage, which looked to be less focused, showed the white vehicle driven by Zemerai Ahmadi, a longstanding assistance worker who was mistakenly supposed to be an ISIS-K operator with explosives by U.S. authorities, driving through a few neighborhoods and making its way into a courtyard. The automobile can be seen backing in as the camera shows a large group of people loitering about the courtyard for many minutes at the time.

This is not the video released by Centcom but it was release on September 11 after the incident:

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Later in the film, you can see the explosion that occurred as a consequence of the hit.

The footage received by the New York Times via a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit are, in fact, videos of the strike that took place in Kabul on August 29, 2021, and I can confirm that they are authentic.” “Centcom spokesperson Capt. Bill Urban issued a comment on the matter.

“While the attack was carried out in response to what was deemed to be an impending danger to our soldiers at Hamad Karzai International Airport, it is now assessed that none of the family members who died were affiliated to ISIS-K or posed a threat to our troops at that location. “We truly regret the loss of life that has occurred as a consequence of this incident.”

After a suicide bombing near the Kabul airport a few days earlier, the drone strike occurred just as the United States was finishing up its pullout from Afghanistan.

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