[VIDEO] Liberal Activist Charlamagne Tha God Yells, “WHERE IS TRUMP????”

[VIDEO] Liberal Activist Charlamagne Tha God Yells, “WHERE IS TRUMP????”

You know things are spiraling out of control beyond belief for Dems when liberal civil rights activist Charlamagne Tha God is on TV yelling, “WHERE IS TRUMP??”


Yes, it’s gotten THAT BAD.

Charlamagne, you’ll recall is the young man who was interviewing Joe Biden when Joe infamously said, “you ain’t black” if you vote for President Trump.

Well, now, Charlamagne is sitting around chatting with his friends, wondering where the hell Trump is at because the Dems have screwed everything up so badly.

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Charlamagne says that at least with Trump, you knew where he stood on everything – with Dems you don’t, nobody knows what they’re doing, it’s a total mess, top to bottom.

He’s right…

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He also notes how they have Hillary out there, beating the drum about how you have to vote to defend “democracy,” and Charlamagne rightfully asks when the Dems plan on “governing” to defend democracy.

I certainly don’t agree with Charlamagne’s politics, he’d prefer Joe were even more “radical” than he is, but I loved his reference to Trump, and I think it just shows how deeply frustrated the entire left is – along with the rest of the country – over how Dems are governing the country.


I gotta warn you, there is A LOT of F-bombs in this short clip, but it’s still 100 percent worth watching.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Charlamagne, come towards the light. Leave the dark side behind. Who cares what they say. Also change your name. Its blasphemy.”

“You love to see it”

“Well, this just made my day better lol” 

“It’s official, Joe has united the country under one saying “Where is Trump?” LOL” 

“Charlemagne going off again!!” 

“Yes!! This is how so many people feel, he just had the guts to say it” 

“It’s over for Joe. He’s toast.” 

We’re starting to see now why Joe Biden had to force Breyer off the court. He’s losing black support and thinks appointing a black justice will fix everything.


Yes, that’s how wildly out of touch Joe Biden and his Handlers are, and how little they respect Black Americans.

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