Chelsea Clinton Gets An Earful When She Pushes “Communist-Style” Censorship

Chelsea Clinton Gets An Earful When She Pushes “Communist-Style” Censorship

The left is really on a big “censoring kick” lately. And yes, I know they’re always censoring, but they’re kicking this into an even higher gear.


The COVID virus has given the left a “reason” to censor people…”It’s for your health.”

The same thing that happened with the Patriot Act…”It’s for your security.”

Only this is even more tyrannical than that was.

The problem that’s happening now, is that everything that goes against the regime’s narrative is labeled “anti-vaxx” or “disinformation.” There is no debate allowed, and that raises a lot of eyebrows.

We’re told Anthony Fauci IS “SCIENCE.” So, that means, if you disagree with him, you’re disagreeing with “SCIENCE.”

Um, that’s not how this is supposed to work in a healthy, free society.

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There are ALWAYS two sides to every single story, always. And that’s how it should be… There is never one group that’s always “right.” The way we actually progress and move forward is with healthy debate. And right now that’s not being allowed.

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It’s the “regime’s way” or the highway, type attitude and that’s not sitting well with many people, as you can imagine.

That’s not the American spirit or how we’re used to doing things.

So, when elitist Chelsea Clinton took to Twitter and pushed for “communist-style” censorship for doctors and others who were discussing vaccine content and issues that differed from the “regime’s narrative” she faced instant backlash.


Chelsea shared an article from the uber left-wing “The Guardian” which claims “anti-vaxx grifters” are making a fortune.

Here’s what she said: “Anti-vaxx grift going strong – why is Substack facilitating science denialists’ ability to profit from destructive lies (and comfortable profiting themselves)? “Anti-vaxxers making ‘at least $2.5m’ a year from publishing on Substack”

Here’s what people online said:

“Chelsea Clinton complaining about independent journalists ie ~anti-vaxxers~ collectively earning $2.5m a year on SubStack is rich considering the tens of millions her family foundation plundered from earthquake recovery efforts in Haiti”

“I’d rather sit through a lecture on proper food storage techniques by Jeffrey Dahmer than have to read another attempt by Chelsea to compose a moral position on grifting.”

“The audacity of this person talking about grifting.”

“Big Pharma made over $60,000,000,000 last year and have had to slowly admit that much of the so called science they’ve been giving us was wrong. Who are the real grifters?”

“Clinton Foundation should open their books if they’re going to go around making accusations.”

“How Much Has Pfizer Made?????? #PeakAnnoyanceFactor 🤣🤣🤣

“Speaking of grift, how’s that fourth shot coming along?”

Chelsea is known for putting her foot in her mouth online.

It happens quite often, and I can see she’s still at it.


When will this spoiled, entitled girl learn… especially given the controversial family he comes from?

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