Miss America Chelsie Kryst Wrote a Suicide Note Before Jumping to Her Death

Miss America Chelsie Kryst Wrote a Suicide Note Before Jumping to Her Death

This past weekend, reports came out that someone jumped from a luxury high-rise in Manhattan.


We weren’t told who had jumped until Sunday night.

It was revealed that the woman who jumped was Miss USA winner Chelsie Kryst, a gorgeous young woman, only 30-years-old, who was a lawyer, a pageant winner, and an entertainment correspondent for “Extra.”

The world was shocked because this young woman seemed to have everything.

Chelsie lived on the 9th floor of the luxury apartment building, but she made her way up to the 29th floor where she leaped to her death.

Just before she jumped she left a cryptic and chilling message on her Instagram that read: “May this day bring you rest and peace.”

And now we know that she also left a suicide note.

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The Sun reported that former Miss USA winner Cheslie Kryst left behind a note saying that “she wanted to leave everything” to her beauty pageant mom, according to reports.

Kryst 30, was found dead on Sunday after falling from the 29th floor of her Midtown apartment building in New York City.

Police sources told The New York Post that Kryst left a note behind for her mom April Simpkins, who was awarded the gong of Mrs. North Carolina in 2002.

The beauty pageant winner once said her mum had inspired her.


She said: “My mom is my role model. I always look up to her and ask her for her advice.

“As a state pageant champion, she’s built an incredible role model, I wanted to follow in her footsteps because I held her highly.”

It sounds like she was so loved and appreciated and had an amazing and supportive family.


You just never know what’s happening inside someone’s mind or heart.

Keep the people you love close, and make sure you know what’s really going on with them, underneath all the “good stuff” that you see.

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