China Finally Chimes in On “Let’s Go Brandon” Phenomenon and What They Said is Very Enlightening 

China Finally Chimes in On “Let’s Go Brandon” Phenomenon and What They Said is Very Enlightening 

After the embarrassing debacle that took place on Christmas Eve, where Joe Biden was caught with his pants down on live TV, when a dad pranked him with a “Let’s Go Brandon” joke, China has a theory on what exactly happened and why everything went south for poor old Joe.


Yes,  China believes Joe is basically a bumbling buffoon, but their theory hinges more on the American people, and how we have way too much “freedom” to criticize and mock the regime.

Breitbart reported that China’s government-run propaganda newspaper Global Times defended President Joe Biden on Monday from Americans using the phrase “let’s go, Brandon” to signal dissatisfaction with his job performance, claiming it is representative of “extreme political sentiment” and branding it “abuse.”

The Times was reporting on an incident during an event on Christmas Eve in which the president interacted with families sending in gift requests for Santa Claus, one father ended his call to Biden with, “Merry Christmas, and let’s go, Brandon.”

“Let’s go, Brandon, I agree,” Biden replied.

The Global Times scolded the father at the Christmas Eve event, later identified as Jared Schmeck, for desecrating the sanctity of Christmas. China routinely persecutes its Christian population, imprisoning and on occasion killing them publicly.

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Schmeck has since said he was expressing frustration in an “innocent jest” and was not a supporter of former President Donald Trump or necessarily opposed to Biden, but that his joke had resulted in threatening phone calls from anonymous people, presumably Biden supporters.

“If the U.S. could put aside political discord for one day of the year, then Christmas should be that day,” the government publication lamented. “But the fact is, even a Christmas call to express holiday wishes and gratitude for US military servicemembers around the world is still used to express extreme political sentiment.”

“American citizens may even abuse the president with euphemistic and insulting language on the phone. Such an abnormal situation shows the morbid division in US society and an inability to resolve social problems,” the propaganda outlet concluded.


The Global Times quoted one of its regime-approved “experts” who disparaged Schmeck as “a man who was not being polite enough and also showed his disrespect,” claiming he represented “serious division among American people.”

“Such a slogan that insults the president has become ‘viral’ in the U.S., which demonstrates the severe partisan polarization,” the Times observed. “Biden is the president elected by the American people themselves. However, it seems that American people are not satisfied with his performance at all.”

The official government newspaper did criticize Biden for repeating the phrase. They claim Biden doesn’t have “sufficient knowledge of the climate in U.S. society.”

Basically, they’re saying he’s a bumbling dolt.


But, the Chinese paper agreed the biggest problem in the country is that the American people are allowed to “freely” express dissent with the government, causing the “incurable disease” of “morbid division.”

Good grief, if they only knew how censored we actually are… We should actually be saying a heck of a lot more.

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