Watch: Epic Video Clip Reminds Christians To Rise Up and Become a “FIGHTING CHURCH” Again

Watch: Epic Video Clip Reminds Christians To Rise Up and Become a “FIGHTING CHURCH” Again

Do you believe we’re in a spiritual battle?

I do.

I have thought this all along. It’s a battle of good vs evil. It’s a battle of light vs dark.


What we’re involved in right now is much more than just “politics,” and if we don’t all get on the same page and fight back against these demon commies, our country, and our world could be lost forever.

For so long now, the GOP establishment has hobbled Christians. People like Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney and others talk about “turning the other cheek,” and “taking the high road.” And while there is a time and place for that approach, battling Democrats isn’t one of them.

Because of the Paul Ryan “That’s not who we are” mentality, many Evangelicals sat back while the left took over everything. They took over education, medicine, the military, marriage, and the church.

Paul Ryan’s message was a globalist, secular message… it was not a message of “conserving” our institutions, but of surrendering them under the false guise of being too “honorable” to fight for them.

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And while I agree we’re better than the Dems, I also know they’re better fighters than we are, because they’re fearless. You can’t shame them. They don’t care if you call them names. They don’t care if you tell them they’re a hypocrite. All that stuff flows off them like water off a duck’s back.

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But on the flip side, many conservative Christians do care way too much about what Godless communists think about them.

And as a result, we didn’t get in the gutter and fight for what was ours because we’re far too virtuous and good for that – we can only battle on the “high road,” a place where the Dems never go, by the way.

So, there we stood, alone on the “high road,” looking around at the skeletons of everything and everyone we used to call our own.

Now, I am not saying you have to turn into a total vulgar jerk, but you need to remember that Christianity and your traditions are worth FIGHTING for, and if you roll for the communists because you’re trying to be nice and “accommodate” the “greater good,” you will be destroyed and everything you built will turn to ash.

It’s that simple.

And that’s what we’re seeing happen now.

Now, I am not blaming Christians and saying this is all your fault, but I am saying that Christians have forgotten how to FIGHT and we’ve allowed fear of being called “bigots” and “racists” to be used against us and cripple us.

Today, when I saw this quick clip out of Poland, it reminded me of the spiritual battle we’re in, and how hard we need to fight for what is ours.

So, I thought I’d share it with you – maybe you’re already “hip” to all this, or maybe you totally disagree with me and think I’m nuts, but if you feel like you could use some righteous inspiration, I hope this inspires you to suit up and fight like an unrelenting, unapologetic warrior for whatever it is you believe in.


You can watch the video below:

As you know, I am online a lot, always looking for things to share with you guys. And while I’m on there, I see how the left uses “Christianity” against conservatives.

I’ll see someone with “Christian” in their bio, taking a strong stand on an issue, and some lefty will swoop in and say, “You’re a horrible Christian, you don’t know what it’s like to be a good Christian,” bla bla bla, and more times than not, that comment will derail the conservative Christian. They’ll start defending and explaining themselves and get deep in the weeds, then eventually relent and agree with the lefty who keeps hammering away at them because the conservative really wants to be seen as a “good/rational” person.

You gotta stop that and stay the course. Don’t relent, and don’t allow these communists to throw you off your game, or shame you into agreeing with them in any way shape, or form.

This may seem small, and insignificant to you, but it’s really not. It’s part of a much bigger and more widespread problem of the left knowing EXACTLY how to use “religion” as a weapon against the right.

The left guilts and shames conservative Christians, and manipulates them by appealing to their heightened sense of virtue.

Don’t let them. You don’t owe a soulless commie any explanation of your religious beliefs.


If you believe in something, push forward with no explanations and zero apologies.


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