CNN Airs Audio Interview Of McCarthy Blaming Trump For Jan 6th; Also Said Trump Took Responsibility For Attack!

CNN Airs Audio Interview Of McCarthy Blaming Trump For Jan 6th; Also Said Trump Took Responsibility For Attack!

Why am I so laser-focused on slamming Kevin McCarthy (R-CA)? Because he’s no good. He didn’t support Donald Trump during the 2020 election and he blamed Trump on January 6th while he gave a speech on the House floor.

This is the biggest case of why DC is broke and our leaders are not working for the American people.

In the audio below, McCarthy spoke to a local California radio station just days after the Jan. 6 attack on the United States Capitol. In the interview, McCarthy calls for a bipartisan investigation into the attack and claims former President Donald Trump admitted to him that he bears some responsibility for it. The interview was discovered by CNN’s K-File.

On Friday, CNN’s Melanie Zanona emphasized the interview’s specific importance, noting that it came only a day after McCarthy sparred with a CNN reporter over his prior claims about Jan. 6, which was the date of the interview.

Earlier this week, McCarthy was at a press conference when he attempted to play revisionist history by claiming that he didn’t recollect or remember any of the talks. “We have the receipts,” Zanona pointed out, referring to the fact that McCarthy didn’t recall or remember those conversations.

McCarthy interrupted a question from CNN’s Manu Raju on Thursday regarding past remarks in which he “opposed a select committee” to investigate but was also “ready to testify” about the events of January 6, stating, “That’s not accurate.” Put your query forward. “I’ll look into it and see whether everything is correct.”

According to Raju’s conclusion after questioning McCarthy about his decision to testify, “it seems like you’re attempting to conceal something here.”

McCarthy responded with a “great question.” “I’m hoping that everything at CNN is rectified. Consult with your staff on how to proceed.”

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CNN has reportedly gone through the tape and found two times in which McCarthy called for an inquiry and blamed Trump for the assault on the Capitol on Jan. 6, according to the network.

The next year, McCarthy stated of Trump on KERN, a local radio station in Bakersfield, California, on January 12: “I believe he bears culpability.” “He directly informed me that he accepts some responsibility. “I believe that a large number of individuals do.”

“What I advocated – and I believe history will confirm that I was correct – is because it is the proper thing to do, in my opinion,” McCarthy said. “Create a nonpartisan committee and gather all of your information; then, rather than predetermining guilt or innocence, work your way through the grand jury process to find out the truth at the end of the day.”

‘The one thing about impeachment is that it isn’t something you want to rush through.’ “I believe we should establish a bipartisan panel to investigate all of the facts,” he said.

Don’t trust McCarthy! Period.


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