[VIDEO] Conservative Mocks AOC So Savagely, That CNN Hosts Can’t Hold Back Laughter

[VIDEO] Conservative Mocks AOC So Savagely, That CNN Hosts Can’t Hold Back Laughter

AOC is such a joke and a laughingstock, that she’s even comedy material on CNN, of all places.


It all started when AOC was busted in Florida enjoying the “mandate-free” life while on vacation, while COVID cases soared in her mandate-crazy home state of New York.

The hypocrisy was over the top, so conservatives piled on quickly, and AOC buckled under the pressure and lost it.

She had an online meltdown, and accused Republicans who were criticizing her of being jealous that they couldn’t “date her.”

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Well, that was it – the whole thing became a ridiculous comedy skit, and they were practically rolling on the floor about it on CNN when right-wing pundit Mary Katharine Ham did a hilarious mockery skit of AOC.

Daily Wire reported that CNN contributor Mary Katharine Ham mocked Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) over her claim that Republicans attack her because they secretly want to date her.

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Ham joined anchors Brianna Keilar and John Berman on Monday’s broadcast of “New Day” to discuss the viral tweets showing that Ocasio-Cortez spent New Year’s vacationing maskless in Florida — and the Congresswoman’s response to criticisms that she vacationed while her home state faced a record-shattering wave of new COVID-19 cases.


Berman and Keilar introduced the segment by noting that, after photos of her Florida vacation made the rounds on a number of conservative outlets, she had lashed out at her critics by calling them “creepy weirdos” and claiming that “sexual frustration” had played a part in driving their hatred of her.

And then Mary was off to the races and the CNN hosts couldn’t contain their laughter.


Well, if anyone deserves a good mocking, it’s AOC.

She’s her own worst enemy, and she’s filled with far too much self-pride.


It’s a shame, too.

She actually has a cool back story she could really peddle to people – bartender to Capitol Hill… but instead of using that to be an inspiration, she’s an immature, unprofessional joke.

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