[VIDEO] It Only Took CNN’s John King 10-Seconds to Give Rawest, Most Truthful Assessment of Biden Yet

[VIDEO] It Only Took CNN’s John King 10-Seconds to Give Rawest, Most Truthful Assessment of Biden Yet

It doesn’t take long to sum up how crappy Joe Biden is.


Seriously, just ask CNN’s John King, who actually delivered one of the rawest, brutal, and most truthful assessments of Biden, and he did it in only 10-seconds.

The media can’t hide the disaster of Joe Biden anymore. Biden has cratered so badly that the mask has completely fallen off all these bums and hacks.

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The economy is stagnant, inflation is soaring, crime is skyrocketing, and COVID has never been more of a mess.

But all of that aside, one of the biggest problems Joe Biden is facing is something nobody can “change” or “fix.”

It’s his “brain” or lack thereof.

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The entire country can see that Joe Biden is getting worse by the day. We may not know the exact name of the disease he suffers from, but we can see whatever it is it’s accelerating at a disturbing rate.

Americans don’t feel safe or secure with a confused buffoon at the helm.


This is a major problem for Joe, and we’re reminded of it every single time Joe Biden opens his mouth and tries to speak.

And John King is right – it’s a very black and dark time for Joe Biden… but it’s even darker for America.

He’s not suffering – life is great for Joe. It’s Americans who are suffering through the nightmare of his sham “presidency.”

You can watch the video below:

That was 10-seconds of no-spin truth.

Just imagine if CNN always delivered the truth this way?

They might not be losing in the ratings to re-runs of Sponge Bob Square Pants.


Instead, viewers have been served a diet of non-stop CIA propaganda and Dem talking points, and they’ve suffered for it – rightfully so.

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