[VIDEO] CNN Anchors Get Sloppy Drunk On Live TV Yet Again

[VIDEO] CNN Anchors Get Sloppy Drunk On Live TV Yet Again

Is there any group of people more emotionally and morally corrupt than the ghouls over at CNN?


The network is not just a clown show of fake news and CIA propaganda, they’re also child predators, power abusers, woman-haters, and accused sexual harassers. And if that’s not bad enough, they’re also unprofessional hacks who routinely make buffoons of themselves by acting like complete nimrods on live TV.

It wouldn’t be New Year’s in America without CNN anchors and pundits getting sloppy drunk on national TV and making fools of themselves.

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Remember years past when Don Lemon – a man accused of getting drunk at Martha’s Vineyard and sexually harassing a waiter – got drunk on TV and acted like a blithering moron?

Well, he’s still at it.

This year, instead of talking about his nipple getting pierced, he’s drunk on LIVE TV talking with some lady about “broke dick.”

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What is “broke dick,” you ask? Well, that’s a man with a penis and no money, apparently, and according to CNN, we should avoid them at all costs.

That’s right, the man who is (credibly) accused of stuffing his hands down his pants and rubbing his genitals then forcing a man to “sniff” his fingers, is on LIVE TV talking about “broke dick.”

This is CNN. Utterly disgusting.


And on the other side of CNN, we’ve got Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen, who look to be 10-sheets to the wind, slurring and going off on a rant about Mayor de Blasio.

In this case, I will say the commentary is pretty accurate, de Blasio does suck, but the delivery leaves a lot to be desired.


You can watch the video below:

Today, CNN launches its new streaming service called CNN+. They’re hinging everything on this new service because right now their ratings are in the toilet, and they’re imploding with child sex abuse scandals.


Is having your anchors sloppy drunk on live TV, New Year’s or not, the best way to kick off the New Year and your new product?

I’d say no, but that’s just me.

I will tell you this much, the new owners (Discovery) will have their work cut out for them.

If they really want to make CNN a legit news network, the first thing they should do is hand out pink slips and AA memberships to everyone who appeared on-air last night.

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