This Is CNN! Once Proud Network Sees Viewership Hits Rock Bottom; Massive Crater-Like Effect!!

This Is CNN! Once Proud Network Sees Viewership Hits Rock Bottom; Massive Crater-Like Effect!!

When comparing the first week of the new year to the same period last year, CNN’s viewership has plummeted by an astonishing 90 percent, both overall and in the important demographic prized by advertisers.

According to the most current figures, the once-proud leader in cable news averaged just 548,000 viewers for the week of January 3, a dramatic decline from the roughly 2.7 million people who tuned in during the same week in 2021.

That day, CNN had the highest viewers in a single day since Ted Turner started the news source in 1980, thanks to its coverage of the Capitol Riot on January 6.

However, on the one-year anniversary of the rebellion, viewers opted for right-wing competitor Fox, which received the highest ratings for its coverage of the event on that day.

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CNN also suffered an 86 percent drop in the highly sought 25-to-54 demographic, with just 113,000 viewers tuning in last week, compared to the 822,000 viewers who turned in on average a year earlier, according to Nielsen.

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After being acquired by AT&T as part of its merger with WarnerMedia last year, the network has been plagued by high-profile scandals, the most notable of which was the firing of its top-rated prime time star Chris Cuomo after it was discovered that the anchor was assisting his sex-pest brother Andrew in his attempt to beat harassment allegations, which led to Andrew Cuomo’s resignation as governor of New York.

According to the Daily Beast, the dramatic fall came after CNN had its second most viewed year on record. Despite having a record year, network viewership declined in the second half of 2021, despite having a record year. The network’s demo ratings plummeted in the third quarter, reaching their lowest level since 2014. They recovered by the end of the year.

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However, it looked to have difficulty attracting viewers during primetime, between 8 and 11 p.m., with an 83 percent year-over-year reduction in viewership. This show received 4.2 million total primetime viewers during the first week of 2021, but just 705,000 viewers during the following week.

CNN’s overall viewership dropped by 80 percent during the first week of the year, compared to the same period the previous year.

The network also lost 89 percent of its primetime viewers in its core demographic, as well as 91 percent of viewers between the ages of 18 and 49.  A big audience for the former television news leader on January 6 was also not maintained, despite the fact that its anchors had bragged about it the previous year.

On January 6, 2021, the network had an average of 5.3 million viewers. The number of people who tuned in failed to surpass 1.5 million at any point throughout the day this year, despite special programming commemorating the anniversary of the incident.

On January 6, 2022, CNN had an average audience of 743,000 people, representing an 86 percent decrease from the previous year.

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When the news organization topped rankings for rebellion coverage last year, numerous anchors turned to Twitter to express their delight at the network’s accomplishment. Following the compliments, several Americans accused CNN of being insensitive in the wake of what CNN described as ‘one of the worst days in American history’. CNN responded by calling the criticism “insensitive.”

The network had its best year ever in 2020, with viewership likely boosted by coverage of the Ebola outbreak and the presidential election.



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