“ANGRY” Comedian Bill Burr Hits Back At Influencers Blaming Friend Bob Saget’s Death On The Vaccine; Calls Them Morons!

“ANGRY” Comedian Bill Burr Hits Back At Influencers Blaming Friend Bob Saget’s Death On The Vaccine; Calls Them Morons!

Comedian Bill Burr slammed the “morons” who claimed that his buddy and comedian Bob Saget died as a result of the Covid-19 vaccine’s effects, calling them “fools.”

“Oh my God, screw it. This has been a dreadful week. We are still reeling over the loss of Bob Saget, as Burr noted on his podcast Monday Morning: “What a horrible week.” As a matter of fact, it’s almost unbearable. I can’t believe it. Truly horrific.”

That’s when the presenter went on to take aim at those he characterized as “morons” for comparing the death of the late comic to that of Betty White.

In response to those who claimed White and Saget died after getting their Covid-19 booster injections, he said, “The amount of foolish things that people are saying.”

To date, Candace Owens has been the most vocal critic of vaccine safety, claiming that Saget’s death was directly related to his lack of a flu shot.

Too many healthy people, like Bob Saget, who we know had their immunizations, are suddenly and unexpectedly dying, according to Owens on her online talk program. Students and athletes in their peak physical condition, mostly men, have died abruptly and unexpectedly during sporting events due to cardiac problems. These folks are being forced to get the vaccination,” we can say with certainty.

According to Burr, anti-vaxxers owe their “being” to modern medicine, which kept their parents alive so that they could “fuck and then create them so that they can go on the internet and voice their beliefs.”

I don’t agree with Owens, who is not a doctor to publicly come to the conclusion that the vaccine was the reason for Saget’s death so that’s irresponsible. Burr, even as Saget was his friend, I feel, needs to bring it down a notch.

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As someone who attended to summer school nearly every year stated, “Fucking morons, you know, and this is coming from someone who went to summer school almost every year.” “Somebody gets furious about something and comes up with this angle of fucking horseshit and these people just, they just go with it.”

A “wonderful, incredible skill” was mocked by the comic as he continued to make fun of those on the internet who claim to know what deceased comedians are thinking.

This is exactly what George Carlin would be thinking about me right now, someone wrote to me,” Burr joked after explaining his decision to follow “the mainstream” on Covid-19. Is this what Abraham Lincoln would have been thinking at this point in time? Can you do presidents, as well? … How about dead presidents, or are you limited to comedic roles?




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