Tom Cotton Just Revealed Real Reason Schumer’s Pushing “Federalized Elections” And It’s NOT What You Think…

Tom Cotton Just Revealed Real Reason Schumer’s Pushing “Federalized Elections” And It’s NOT What You Think…

Dems are once again completely ignoring what the American people are most concerned about.


We’re watching food prices spike through the roof, gas prices are soaring, crime is out of control, and this COVID mess is more confusing and discombobulated than ever.

Not to mention all the bare shelves.

Have you been to a grocery store lately? It looks like something out of 1970s North Korea.

So, given all of this, what are the Dems laser-focused on?

Well, none of that stuff I mentioned above.

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They’re obsessed with so-called “election reform,” or “federalizing elections.”

It’s an all-out effort to turn the US into a 24/7 Banana Republic, where Dems just keep winning election after election with help from their little ballot harvesting scam that worked out so well for them in 2020.

So, why are they really doing this?

Well, of course, to win elections as I mentioned above, but there’s another reason that Chuck Schumer is so hyper-focused on this… and it’s the ONLY reason, according to Senator Tom Cotton.

Cotton says the reason Schumer is fixated on federalizing elections is because he’s terrified of an AOC primary.


Here’s what Tom Cotton said: “The Senate should be voting on bills to reduce inflation and fix the supply chain crisis. Instead, we’re wasting time on a dead election takeover bill because Chuck Schumer is terrified of an AOC primary.”

And he has reason to worry…

The New York Post reported back in 2021 that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not ruling out challenging Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer — a 22-year Senate vet and stalwart member of the “moderate” wing of the Democratic Party — in a primary next year.

When the progressive “Democratic socialist,” who represents the Bronx and Queens, was asked by CNN’s Dana Bash if she is considering a campaign against her fellow New Yorker, AOC said she had not seriously considered it but also left the door open for a challenge.

“I know it drives everybody nuts. But the way that I really feel about this, and the way that I really approach my politics and my political career is that I do not look at things and I do not set my course positionally,” she said in the late June interview that is set to air in full Monday night as part of CNN’s new series “Being …”

“And I know there’s a lot of people who do not believe that. But I really — I can’t operate the way that I operate and do the things that I do in politics while trying to be aspiring to other things or calculating to other things,” the 31-year-old progressive added.

Schumer, 70, who has represented New York state in the Senate since 1999, is up for re-election in 2022.


AOC will not be content to sit in that piddly House Seat for long. She has presidential aspirations, and the only way to logically get there is through the Senate.

Schumer wants to make sure the ballot harvesting can go in his favor if it comes that… otherwise, the old guy knows he’s likely toast.

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