Cyberattacks Aimed Targeting Politicians And Government Officials Are On The Rise, According To DHS

Cyberattacks Aimed Targeting Politicians And Government Officials Are On The Rise, According To DHS

Online content that “could inspire violence, particularly by single offenders, and could be directed against political and other government officials, including members of Congress, state & local officials & high-profile members of political parties,” according to a memo sent to lawmakers by the Department of Homeland Security, has been identified.

According to John Cohen, DHS Director of Intelligence and Analysis, the document was emailed out by the agency.

To one internet poster, January 6th is “an suitable day to perform assassinations against specific Democratic political officials, including President Obama, because of the claimed stolen election.”

Also, Cohen said that an anonymously transmitted video stated that 93 MPs were engaged in certifying the results of the 2020 presidential elections.

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According to the video, members of Congress should be hanged in front of the White House as a show of support. “It was uploaded on a forum known to carry QAnon-related information and shared by numerous people to multiple Telegram and online sharing sites,” he said.

More than 60,000 people have seen the original video since it first appeared on the internet in early December.

Ex-President Trump and his followers have a ‘dagger in democracy’s neck,” President Joe Biden said Thursday, blaming Trump and his supporters for the Jan. 6 events.

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President Trump retaliated by claiming that the Democrats are trying to “own this day of January 6th so that they can raise anxiety and divide the United States.” Because the American people can see through their falsehoods and polarizations, I say, “let them have it.”‘

There are three law enforcement agencies now looking into threats made to the Capitol and the US Capitol, according to a letter acquired by The Hill.

‘We are making you aware of this information because we are concerned that violence might spread outside the NCR [National Capital Region],’ added Cohen.

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