[VIDEO] Dan Crenshaw Booed in Texas

[VIDEO] Dan Crenshaw Booed in Texas

People are discovering that Dan Crenshaw isn’t the “America First” fighter he claimed to be.


He’s voted for Red Flag laws, amnesty, and he’s praised Liz Cheney.

Big League Politics reported on Crenshaw’s amnesty plans:

A clip is going viral on social media of Crenshaw detailing his plan to flood the U.S. with third-world migrants and crowd native workers from well-paying jobs in the marketplace.

“I put it in simple terms, uh, ya know, zero tolerance on illegal immigration. We truly lock down the border, and then we can have a conversation about a more streamlined legal immigration system that is based on merit rather than familial connections,” he said.

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While Crenshaw may want to lock down the border (or so he claims), he is open to schemes that would allow the low-income workers to flood into the U.S. from desolate countries and squeeze Americans out of quality employment.

“I’m willing to have a conversation about a more streamlined version of work visas,” he said.

Crenshaw noted that after the U.S. has “plugged the leak,” conservatives should embrace giving amnesty to the millions of illegal aliens that have broken the law to come into the country.


And then he said this about Liz Cheney:

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So, people are very disappointed with RINO Dan. Not to mention, he is also a closet NeverTrumper.

And it looks like the people back in his district are really unhappy, as well.


Dan was attending an event back home, and he ended up getting booed, and rightfully so.

He was asked a question by a 10-year-old kid, and even if the child was a “plant,” there’s no need to speak to any child the way Dan spoke to this kid.

He acted like a total jerk.

I think the stress is getting to him.

Someone in the background called Dan a “moron,” and then shouts of “Let’s Go Brandon” rang out.


Here’s what people online had to say about Dan’s behavior:

“No one even likes that guy.”

“Dan is becoming more and more cringe with each passing day.”

“That moment @DanCrenshawTX has harsher words for a 14 year old than he does for @RepLizCheney who is literally leading a political witch hunt against a former Republican President. Keep up the good work Dan, your handlers are proud.”

“John McCain 2.0….”

“What a damn clown 🤡”

“No one likes sneaky treasonous globalists.”

“Dan Crenshaw is a dickhead and people are tired of it.”

“McCains ghost getting little to no love at house own event is *chef’s kiss*”


My theory is this: if we don’t get rid of Dan NOW, he will end up growing roots and being a RINO pain in our a** for decades to come.

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