Here’s The Tweet That Could End Dan Crenshaw’s Political Career

Here’s The Tweet That Could End Dan Crenshaw’s Political Career

Dan Crenshaw is proving himself to be more of an establishment politician than an America First fighter. He recently admitted that he goes to Paul Ryan for “advice,” for crying out loud.


So, it’s no surprise that he’s been a closet NeverTrumper the entire time, and he’s also against the entire America First agenda. He recently attacked fighters like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz, claiming they’re “grifters” and “performance artists.” Many believe Dan is Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and John McCain all rolled into one.

And while he puts out some clever tweets, fancy ads, and tough-talking soundbites, he’s finding it harder to hide who he truly is and what agenda he’s really pushing behind the scenes.

And a tweet that he put out about Liz Cheney last year is coming back to haunt him today.

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This tweet is from exactly a year ago when Liz Cheney was chastised for voting to impeach President Trump.

Here’s what Dan said: “Let’s get some truth on the record: @Liz_Cheney has a hell of a lot more backbone than most, & is a principled leader with a fierce intellect. She will continue to be a much needed leader in the conference, with my full support. We can disagree without tearing eachother apart.”

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I want you to pay close attention to what Dan said there – because you have to read between the lines with politicians like Dan.

He said Liz has more “backbone” than most… that sounds like an endorsement of the “guts” it took to vote to impeach Trump, something Dan could never do because he’s still in the closet. If Dan were to come out fully against Trump and MAGA, he’d surely lose his seat.

But many believe that Dan has shown enough of who he is, and this past tweet is just par for the course.

Here’s what people online are saying about Dan Crenshaw:


“Reminder: @DanCrenshawTX is an infiltrator hand-picked by #KlausSchwab. The globalist @wefwebsite had him on their website and deleted the page long ago but we have the receipts.”

“She’s a RINO like you and just like you she’s going to be voted out. Traitor.”

“You just showed who you are! RINO.”

“Warned about this moron a long ass time ago”

“If Crenshaw thinks Cheney – who supports the Lincoln Project – is principled, he’s done in the GOP.”

“Dan has his eye out for his Deep State brothers and sisters”

“This guy is serious as hell and doesn’t have a clue, somebody take his phone away before he hurts himself”

“Always knew Dan was a traitor…”

“Like I’ve been saying since Nov. 2020, get this rat out of office”

“She’s as dirty as her war-mothering and profiteering father and hates Trump because he threatened to end the gravy train. Her “principled” stand is entirely personal and not in the national interest.”

“Dan Crenshaw is not the conservative you may think he is. He is exactly the Republican you expect him to be.”

” know a lot of Navy Seals, like Eli Crane, that know what backbone means. Dan has been duped by the Rinos. Didn’t think a Navy Seal could be such a squish.”

“Crenshaw is a believer of globalism before country.”

“This guy is the reason you never vote for a person just because they are a vet. His ass needs to be primaried……yesterday.”

“Birds of a feather…..”

“Nothing less appealing than a sanctimonious self-righteous rino. We don’t need any more of you, Dan. In fact, Your type is the reason we don’t give to the GOP anymore. I know you don’t care because you’re sold to the lobbyists and big donors. That’s who you represent. #PrimaryDan”

Personally, I believe if we don’t get rid of Dan Crenshaw soon, he’ll dig in and be the next “Mitt” or “Jeff Flake,” and destroy our chances to win with this sanctimonious establishment agenda.


If we want to truly win, Dan Crenshaw needs to go.


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