[VIDEO] Dan Crenshaw Implodes When Constituent Asks Him Question About J6 Prisoners

[VIDEO] Dan Crenshaw Implodes When Constituent Asks Him Question About J6 Prisoners

Dan Crenshaw did not have a good day yesterday when he attended a meeting with Tea Party patriots in his district.


As a matter of fact, it was one of the most horrific political events one man has ever had… and yes; I am including Joe Biden in that fray.

It started out with Dan getting booed for berating a 10-year-old little girl who asked him about a quote he said.


It was so bad, Trump supporters (most of whom don’t like Dan), spent the day making memes about it.


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And if you can believe it, things actually got worse for Dan.

A constituent asked Dan what he’s done to help the J6 political prisoners, and his response was basically: I’ve done nothing because there’s nothing I can do.

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And trust me, that’s NOT what Dan’s voters wanted to hear.

You can watch the video below:

Dan is a typical do-nothing establishment GOP RINO.


He doesn’t want to go the extra mile or get his hands dirty. He probably hates every single person who voted for Trump and is fine with those “insurrectionists” rotting away in jail.

But on the outside, Dan will just make up a lame excuse and say, “Well, uh, err, uh, um, me going um, uh, er, there won’t help, so uh, um, err, I don’t want to uh, um, lie to you…”

So, what Dan’s doing there is bashing Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz who have gone to the jail, and are fighting for the J6 political prisoners.

And what Dan doesn’t “get” is that we understand that MTG and Matt can’t “spring” them from jail, but we want to see them out there fighting for those poor people, regardless.

We want them to use all the power they have – and if all the power they have is just their voice and an iPhone camera, so be it.

Use whatever you have, get creative, and fight, and never stop pushing, never stop calling it out, and always bring attention to it.

That is what we want.

We want FIGHTERS who don’t sit around and wait for a “majority” to *maybe* do something.

That’s what Paul Ryan did. 

We want someone who will do what the Dems do and fight hardest when their backs are against the wall and they technically can’t do anything.

Dan Crenshaw is NOT that man. He never will be.

Dan Crenshaw needs to go. This man is not working for us now, and he’ll never work for us. Period.


If we don’t get rid of him NOW, I promise you, he’ll grow roots and we’ll never get rid of him.

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