Days After Biden Said 89% of Store Shelves Were Stocked, Food Rationing Begins in DC

Days After Biden Said 89% of Store Shelves Were Stocked, Food Rationing Begins in DC

Just a couple of days ago, Joe Biden gave a disastrous press conference, where he stood there for two hours and made a complete mess of things. He actually caused a major “international incident” during the presser.


But besides that, we all saw how completely clueless, and out of step Joe actually is with the American people.

He had no clue that Americans are worried about his failing mental fitness, and he also claimed that 89 percent of store shelves are perfectly stocked.


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I don’t know about you, but my store shelves look like Venezuela.

And now, just days after saying that 89 percent of shelves are stocked to the rafters, DC is now rationing food. It’s so bad, that the mayor’s officials are actually sending tweets out about it in a campaign called “Only Take What You Need.”



The DC Homeland Security & Emergency Management put out the alarming tweet, asking people not to buy more than they need.



Here are some comments from people online:

“And just like that, everyone now identifies as a looter lol”

“Lefties will still answer posts saying it’s not really happening.”

“Is this how you acknowledge bare shelves without acknowledging bare shelves?”

“Shouldn’t they have started the tweet with Dear Comrade?”

“Has anyone spoken to Pelosi about her ice cream stash replenishment plans yet?”

“They can piss off. I bought every damn bag of frozen chicken wings today at Aldi that I could get my hands on.”

“Cant wait to get my govt issued ration stamps”

“Um, didn’t Joe just say that everything was fine and store shelves were stocked?LOL” 

Yep, that last comment is a good point.


I am confused, are they part of the so-called meager “11 percent” that have no food on the shelves?


I know my entire area and well beyond are bare store shelves, and from what I see online, it’s happening all over the country in a big way.

So, I am not sure how Joe got that 89 percent number, but if you ask me, it seems like another one of his lies.

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