Michigan’s Irresponsible Democrat AG Claims Synagogue Assault Was Carried Out By A “White Supremacist”

Michigan’s Irresponsible Democrat AG Claims Synagogue Assault Was Carried Out By A “White Supremacist”

On Saturday, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel stated that the assault on the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue could have been motivated by White supremacy.

Because of the breaking news, Nessel was supposed to talk with Yasmin Vossoughian of MSNBC on another topic, but owing to the breaking news, the anchor questioned the AG on the issue of the assault, which was still emerging at the moment.

As Vossoughian questioned the attorney general about her “biggest concerns” as she watched the news unfold, Nessel responded by speculating that it was a domestic terrorism incident, possibly perpetrated by someone affiliated with or influenced by extremist White supremacist groups or rhetoric, including that of “our nation’s leaders,” and made possible by a lack of strict gun control.


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Vossoughian became significantly more stern on the matter of wild conjecture following the interview, as seen in the second footage below, which was recorded shortly after the interview with the network’s reporters.

Nessel responded to the first question by saying that he was concerned that the perpetrator was planning to commit hate crimes as part of an act of domestic terrorism, rather than just being a random person who happened to wander into a synagogue. “Well, my biggest concern hearing that it was at a synagogue is that this is someone who’s intent on committing hate crimes as part of an act of domestic terrorism,” he said. “At this point, we cannot say for definite, but we have noticed an amazing increase in anti-Semitic language being sold all across the nation,” says the author.

It is because of a “exponential rise in hate crimes as well as an exponential rise in the formation and membership of these extremist organizations, many of which are White supremacist organizations that traffic in hatred against Jews and other minorities,” according to Nessel, who heads her state’s hate crimes and domestic terrorism unit.

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“So if it turns out that that is the driving force behind this, it would come as little surprise,” she said.

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Concerning the issue of combating domestic terrorism, Nessel said that extremist organizations should be more thoroughly watched, but that many offenders are lone wolves who “get self-radicalized online” and have access to a “endless supply” of firearms, magazines, and ammunition.

When Vossoughian inquired as to whether the nation had reached a position where armed protection would be frequent at religious institutions, Nessel said that “it is a necessary evil at this time.”

When we’re going to hear the kind of angry rhetoric, rhetoric that is racist or anti-Semitic in nature, that we hear from many of our nation’s leaders, and when we’re going to allow such easy access to extremely dangerous firearms, then, you know, for religious organizations that want to meet in person is a good idea, right?” “Unfortunately, I believe that is what you will see,” she said.

Although it had not yet been confirmed, according to The Washington Free Beacon at the time of the interview, the hostage-demand taker’s was for the release of Aafia Siddiqui, also known as “Lady al Qaeda,” according to the newspaper.

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This was the second time in as many minutes that the issue of what was heard on the synagogue’s livestream had come up on MSNBC, and it was brought up again only a few minutes following the interview with AG Nessel.

In that situation, Vossoughian was adamant about the network refusing to guess or broadcast anything that had not yet been validated — a significant departure in tone from the previous year.

Despite the fact that they were “quite aware” of other reports regarding who the hostage-sister taker’s may be, Vossoughian stated it was crucial for the viewers to realize that they were not going to disclose the information themselves since it hadn’t been proven.

The reason for this is “because this is clearly, as I’ve indicated on several times, a very delicate position,” she explained. “We don’t want to inflame an already sensitive issue until we get proof of that.”

If this counsel had been given a few minutes earlier, when the Michigan Attorney General blamed “many of our nation’s leaders” and a lack of gun regulation for the continuing hostage crisis, it would have been sound judgment. Despite the fact that this was not the only journalistic blunder in the coverage of the incident.




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