[VIDEO] Dems Ripped to Shreds For Goofy Candlelight Vigil on Cap Steps

[VIDEO] Dems Ripped to Shreds For Goofy Candlelight Vigil on Cap Steps

Just when you think Democrats can’t get any more cringe, they do something like this and prove everyone wrong.


Behold, the candlelight vigil to commemorate the exact moment Nancy Pelosi’s stapler was taken.

#NeverForget #StaplerLivesMatter #StapleToo

It’s like watching the “tryouts” for American Idol, when they showcase all the lousy singers. You can feel your insides twist and turn, and you get those “douche chills” all over your body. Most of the time you just turn the channel because it’s too hard to keep watching because you feel so embarrassed for the person.

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This candlelight vigil is just like that.

But these dopey elites are so far-removed from average Americans and live in such a bubble that they have no clue how badly they’re being mocked.

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They actually think this resonates with the American people. Can you imagine?

We can’t afford hamburger in Joe Biden’s American, and good luck finding frozen hash browns and diaper wipes, but hey, look at the filthy rich 87-year-olds holding a candlelight vigil for Chuck Schumer, who lost 17 paperclips on January 6th.

#NeverForget #PaperclipLivesMatter #PaperclipToo

I will be curious to see if you can make it through the entire 34-seconds.

I made it 7-seconds, it’s all I could handle.

You can watch the video below:


The best part of this goofy vigil are the comments. Dems were brutally ripped to shreds, and they deserved every last bit of it.

“What in the fresh hell is this?? Democrats standing on the Capitol steps singing about God Bless America & confessing their undying love for it??”

“A vigil for Nancy’s lost vodka cabinet? What else could it be for? The only person that died was Ashli Babbitt and we all know they didn’t care about her!”

“This is the lamest sh*t I have ever seen”

“Glad to see this love for Babbit. The only one killed on January 6th. Oh wait… Hopefully there will be a vigil for the lives lost during the over 100 days of non stop riots, looting, fires, property damage, and murders in 2020. The same riots media and politicians encouraged”

“You will never see greater fake, hypocritical virtue-signaling than this. Ever.”

“I did not watch it but looks like political clown theater! First they kill you and then they pretend to cry?”

“They went from kneeling for the Anthem to super patriots mighty fast.”

“If there are any republicans at all standing on those steps, they need to be primaried.”

“These clowns really like their theatrics! “

“What is the vigil for? like seriously the windows that were lost??”

“Looks like a coven!”

“This is the lamest sh*t goin’”

“OMG LOL this is hilarious” 

“They really believe they are gods”

“Meanwhile, back on planet earth”

“I truly don’t understand what the vigil is for? Anyone know?”

“Don’t remember these people holding a vigil for the 13 Military members Joe Biden killed” 

“We are living in South Park and no one can convince me otherwise”

“Never heard a peep from any of them when kids and grandparents were massacred in Waukesha.”

“Embarrassing. We do not live in a serious country.”

“Are they mourning America? Cause, same.”

“Don’t forget people. It’s the Right that is in a cult LOL” 


And on and on and on and on messages like these went.

I gotta say, the Dems don’t realize it, but this type of political theatre, for an issue that most Americans don’t care about, at a time when everyone is struggling, is one of the worst political moves I’ve ever seen, and they will be punished for it at the polls.

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