[VIDEO] Dem Rep Goes On MSNBC and Signals “Catastrophic” Political Doom Coming in 2022

[VIDEO] Dem Rep Goes On MSNBC and Signals “Catastrophic” Political Doom Coming in 2022

The Dems know what’s coming in 2022. Sure, VA was a big indicator of things to come, but I can only imagine how bad their internally polling must look like. Just look at the messaging they’re pushing right now, it’s all doom and gloom and we’re still a year out.


Some may think that a year is a long time to turn things around, but it actually isn’t in politics, especially for the left, who spent so much time and energy shoving their agendas down everyone’s throats. Just look at Defend The Police and Black Lives Matter – two issues the left pushed hard, and the Right “pounced on” even harder, knowing they would be a disaster.

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Now, both BLM and Defund the Police are wildly unpopular and are dragging the left down, but it’s too late, the left is married to both and divorce is not an option.

So, basically, the chickens have come home to roost for communists Dems and it’s so bad, they can’t even paint a fake “happy face” on it.

As Biden’s poll numbers continue to sink, Dems are preparing their voters for the worst.

That’s what Dem Rep. Gerry Connolly from Virginia just did during his appearance on MSNBC, where he painted a gloomy picture of “catastrophic” doom… a Defcon 2 type scenario.

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You can watch the video below:

The one thing we can’t do right now is to relax and assume everything will come up roses for us.

If we fall into that trap, we’ll end up like we did in 2020 – bamboozled from behind.


We need to get even more engaged in this fight and push harder, and never let up on that gas peddle until every single midterm vote is counted.

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