DeSantis Responds To Media Trying To Drive Wedge Between He And Donald Trump

DeSantis Responds To Media Trying To Drive Wedge Between He And Donald Trump

On the famous Ruthless podcast Friday, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) was questioned about reports that he and former President Trump are on the outs as both are considering a future candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024.

The media, according to one of the show’s many presenters, “is attempting to build a gap between you and one of your voters here in Florida, former President Trump.”

Anger seemed to be a factor in the host’s question. “How do you feel about that?” Inquiring mind: “I’d want to see how that dynamic works.”

Responded DeSantis, “I believe this is what the media does.”

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Politicians who don’t declare whether they’ve had a Covid-19 vaccination booster injection have been referred to as “gutless” by Trump, who used the term in an apparent strike at DeSantis. On the Fox Business Network in December, DeSantis made news when he gave an awkward response to the question of whether or not he had been given a boost.

As other hosts spoke out and the audience applauded, the governor continued:

There’s no way you’ll fall for it. Do not be intimidated; you are well aware of their intentions. Just keep moving on as though nothing has changed. All hands on deck for a massive crimson tide in 2022. In order for us to defeat the left, we must not only fight but also win against the left. The same thing is happening in Florida.

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While asked about Florida’s eased Covid-19 safety standards, DeSantis said he wished he had “pushed back louder” against lockdowns earlier in the epidemic — when Trump was still president — in another soundbite noted by journalists from the 40-minute interview.

If it had been a threat before, DeSantis added, “I believe it would have been lot louder” than it is now.

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A significant regret for DeSantis was not speaking out “louder” against Trump administration requests for lockdown during the outbreak, according to CNN’s Manu Raju.

Kraushaar responded to Raju, “DeSantis covert fireback against Trump. This seems to have the potential to be intriguing.








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