Trump Allies Say They Know Who’s Spreading “Fake Rumors” of DeSantis/Trump “War”

Trump Allies Say They Know Who’s Spreading “Fake Rumors” of DeSantis/Trump “War”

The media are having a heydey right now, literally foaming at the mouth over claims that there’s a “war” brewing between DeSantis and Trump.


Supposedly, President Trump is angry at DeSantis for not coming out and saying that he will not run against him in 2024, even though DeSantis has said on more than one occasion that he is not running for president in 2024.

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Then, DeSantis supposedly said he will NOT “bend the knee” for Trump, in some supposed “Game of Thrones” twist.

Very goofy stuff.

Well, now Trump allies are speaking out and they say they know exactly who’s behind this fake war…

Do you think you know who it is?

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I’ll give you a hint… It’s a senator.

Shouldn’t be too much of a shock… Mitch McConnell.

Conservative Brief reported that allies of former President Donald Trump suspect that McConnell is behind reports of a growing rift between the 45th president and Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has been mentioned often as a potential presidential contender in 2024.

Trump advisers say they see a hidden hand at play: that of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., who is in a pitched battle with Trump over the future of the Republican Party in political races all over the country.


They pointed to the podcast DeSantis was on where he made the attention-grabbing remarks about “Covid lockdowns former President Donald Trump encouraged.” The podcast is co-hosted by McConnell’s longtime adviser Josh Holmes. Shortly after the podcast was posted Friday, Twitter was flooded with the suggestion that DeSantis had knocked Trump by saying one of his biggest regrets was not having been “louder” about the harms of the lockdowns intended to help slow the spread of the virus.

But several people close to the former president believe that it all looked like a setup.

“I like Josh. Josh is great. But he’s a wholly-owned subsidiary of McConnell World. And there’s no way you can tell me that this was all a coincidence,” one Trump adviser told NBC News in comments similar to four others who agreed to speak but only on condition of anonymity.

“Also, DeSantis and his staff knew what they were doing. How many Florida general election voters are listening to the Ruthless podcast?” the adviser continued.

“Now, that said, they might have been hoping for more out of Ron, because, let’s face it, he didn’t really criticize Trump. But they knew the media would instantly jump on it and wish-cast it into existence,” the adviser continued.

The adviser added that the politically adept McConnell clearly views DeSantis as a lesser of two presidential evils and a perfect foil for Trump, who just happens to live in Florida.

Let’s face it, the right and left will do anything to stop President Trump.

The last thing Mitch McConnell wants is Trump back in the White House. He’d rather have Hillary in there.


So, they will play a lot of very dirty tricks over the next few years.

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