MAGA Patriots Raise 22 Thousand Dollars in Just Two Hours to Save a Trump Supporters Dog

MAGA Patriots Raise 22 Thousand Dollars in Just Two Hours to Save a Trump Supporters Dog

I know how wonderful the MAGA community is. I have been a part of it since 2015. I have so many good friends who I’ve known online for going on 7 years now.


So, it’s not surprising to me when MAGA folks pull together to do amazing stuff – I have seen it happen time and time again, but last night I watched something truly amazing take place, and it involves a military vet and his family dog named Dexter… and I wanted to share the story with you.

A long-time MAGA supporter named Richard, who goes by the handle “Golden Advice,” has a popular Golden Retriever dog named Dexter. Richard has always shared a lot of pictures and stories about Dexter online and as a result, many people have come to love Dexter.

Sadly, Dexter started getting sick. Very sick, and Richard and his wife weren’t sure what was wrong, but it looked very serious. And to make matters worse, thanks to COVID shutdowns, Richard and his wife could not get Dexter in to see a standard vet. Emergency hospitals were available, but Richard and his wife didn’t have the money for that.

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Those emergency hospitals are so incredibly expensive. I know, I had to take my dog to one on Super Bowl Sunday one year and for a relatively “mild” treatment, I paid $1,300. I almost keeled over when I saw that bill.

This is the video Richard posted of Dexter yesterday. (Warning it’s quite sad and hard to watch, skip past it if need be):

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So, Richard, knowing Dexter wouldn’t make it if he didn’t get him into a hospital, did something he never thought he’d have to do.

He reached out to his MAGA family and asked for help…

And that request for help did not go unanswered.


MAGA came together, and in just two hours raised 22K for Dexter’s treatment.

Richard and his wife scooped up Dexter and took him to the emergency hospital, and he’s currently there, getting the care he needs.

Here’s the latest update on Dexter:

“Dexter is getting oxygen, IV, and everything he needs overnight at the hospital. This is easily the best vet we’ve ever been to. Amazing people. Again, thank you!”


“Dexter’s doctor just called and said it likely isn’t cancer based on x-rays and blood work. They think it’s severe bacterial pneumonia and his prognosis is good so far with a few days in the hospital.”

As of now, the GoFundMe for Dexter has raised nearly 30K. Richard plans to take whatever is leftover from Dexter’s treatment and donate it to animal rescue groups.

I think this was a great moment where everyone came together and helped out a fellow Trump supporter in need.

I saw the same thing happen just before Christmas when a long-time MAGA Trump supporter with kids was having a rough patch, and couldn’t buy her kids’ gifts.

Everyone came together for her as well.

I know it’s easy to complain about social media and what a hell-hole it is, but in a lot of ways, it’s so very good and can make a difference in people’s lives.


Let’s hope Dexter keeps getting better, and Richard can “pay it forward” to the other people in need.

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