[VIDEO] Dinesh Drops Blockbuster Film Trailer On 2020 Election With Never-Before Seen Security Footage

[VIDEO] Dinesh Drops Blockbuster Film Trailer On 2020 Election With Never-Before Seen Security Footage

It was the safest and most secure election in American history.


That’s what the political elites tell us about 2020.

Do you believe them?

We’re supposed to believe that an election that opened the door to a sea of mail-in ballots, ballot drop boxes, and changes in the law that were just ruled “unconstitutional” by a court of law was “safest and most secure” in the land.

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If that was the case, most Americans would not believe that cheating affected the 2020 election.

But they do and for good reason.

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But talking about 2020 is just like talking about COVID and the vaccine – if you don’t agree with the regime’s narrative, you can’t discuss it.

Well, conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza doesn’t care what the “rules” are — he’s not only talking about 2020, he made a film about it, too.


And this film contains never-before-seen security footage that will blow you away.

You can watch the trailer below:

If this is the trailer, I can’t wait to see the entire thing.

Good on Dinesh for doing this, too. His movies are always so powerful.

And that never-before-seen footage really is a big deal and plays into the recent ruling in Wisconsin.


A Wisconsin judge on Thursday sided with conservatives, ruling that absentee-ballot drop boxes cannot be located anywhere other than at offices of local clerks and that no one other than the voter may return such a ballot.

The ruling, which will almost certainly be appealed all the way to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, hurts Democrats who had pushed for expanded absentee-ballot use during the pandemic in 2020 when President Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump by fewer than 21,000 votes. It comes 10 months before Democratic Gov. Tony Evers and Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson are up for re-election in key races targeted by both parties.

It’s all starting to come together, isn’t it?

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