Report: Dozens Injured When Inmates Intentionally Set A Fire At Baltimore Jail

Report: Dozens Injured When Inmates Intentionally Set A Fire At Baltimore Jail

More than two dozen individuals were injured in a series of arson attacks at a Baltimore correctional facility on Sunday night, according to authorities.

In accordance with the Maryland State Fire Marshal’s Office, the fires occurred in the Reception, Diagnostic, and Classification Center (MRDCC). 550 East Madison St. was the scene of a building fire when the Baltimore City Fire Department arrived around 7:40pm.

According to authorities, the detention center’s fifth-floor housing unit was on fire and detainees were being evacuated. Firefighters were able to put out the blaze in only a few minutes despite the intense smoke.

Thirteen convicts and one correctional officer had mild smoke inhalation treated by the Baltimore City Fire Department, while 28 others received light treatment.

The Office of the State Fire Marshal was tasked with leading the investigation into the cause and origin of the fire at the correctional institution.

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The tier’s common area had been the scene of three arson attempts, according to the deputy state fire marshals. Paper goods, clothes, and a heavy-duty plastic food cart on wheels were all supplied.

Authorities say convicts on a different rung started two other fires, involving clothes and a food cart, while investigators were looking into the incident. Investigators were assisted by Baltimore City firemen, who rapidly put out the blaze.

The inquiry is still going on. As a result of discussions with the Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office, Maryland State Fire Marshal’s Office has determined that charges will be brought.




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