Canceled Former Newsmax WH Reporter Emerald Robinson Isn’t Afraid

Canceled Former Newsmax WH Reporter Emerald Robinson Isn’t Afraid

Emerald Robinson might be down, but she’s not out, and she’s not afraid. As a matter of fact, she’s ready to keep fighting… harder than ever.


As you likely know, Emerald Robinson was “canceled.”

They permanently suspended her on Twitter after she made some “unwelcomed” comments about the vaccine. Not long after that, Newsmax refused to renew her contract, reportedly because she was “too hard” on Joe Biden.

Now, Emerald is reaching out to her fans to remind them she’s still here and of the battles she fought, trails she blazed, and also, the importance of supporting independent journalism.

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Here’s what Emerald said:

I need your support like never before.

Who asked President Trump at a press conference why Dr. Fauci and the NIH funded the Wuhan Lab for bat coronavirus research? That was me.

Who did the corporate media blame for getting the controversial grant canceled by the Trump Administration? That was me.

Who did 60 Minutes call a spreader of “falsehood” in “the briefing room” when Scott Pelley did a puff piece on Peter Daszak and the group that Fauci used to fund the Wuhan Lab of Virology? That was me.

Who told you that Fiona Hill was obviously a Brookings Institute operative inside the Trump Administration’s National Security Council? That was me.

Who told you in 2020 that the vaccines were actually gene therapy technology that had never been used on humans before? That was me.

Who asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki why Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was on extended family leave in the midst of the worst supply chain crisis in the history of the United States? That was me. (That one actually became a funny skit.)

Who was the first reporter in the White House briefing room to ask the Biden Administration about its terrible poll numbers? That was me.

Who was the only reporter in the White House briefing room to question the science surrounding kids wearing masks for COVID? That was me.

Who was the only reporter in the White House briefing room to ask why the Biden Administration forced the DOD to work on “domestic extremism” while Afghanistan collapsed? That was me.


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I agree with Emerald on all points.

She was always one of my favorites. And she’s right, supporting independent news like is vitally important. We will bring you the issues and stories the mainstream media won’t.


And we’re here fighting with you… side-by-side, shoulder-to-shoulder, every day.

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