Many COVID-19-Infected Children Not Hospitalized Because Of The Virus, According to Dr. Fauci

Many COVID-19-Infected Children Not Hospitalized Because Of The Virus, According to Dr. Fauci

Doctor Anthony Fauci, the White House chief medical adviser, said that many kids who are in the hospital because of COVID-19 are there for reasons other than the virus. They just happened to test positive for the virus when they were checked in.

Fauci did an interview on the Rachel Maddow show on Wednesday night, and he was asked about how many kids are getting sick with the virus and needing to go to the hospital. It has caused a rise in hospitalizations, but overall deaths from the virus haven’t changed much.

Quantitatively, you’re having so many more people, even children, get sick. Asked why there has been a rise in hospitalizations, Fauci said that even though Omicron is milder than other variants, it still has a higher percentage of people who need to be hospitalized than other variants. Then, when there are so many infections in kids, even if there isn’t much of a spread, a lot of kids will still end up in the hospital.

When he looked at the kids who were in the hospital, he found that many of them had COVID, not because of it. When a child goes to the hospital, they are automatically tested for COVID and are counted as a COVID hospitalized person, which is what we mean. When in fact, they might go to the doctor for a broken leg or appendicitis or something else.

“So it’s overcounting the number of kids who are “quote” hospitalized because of COVID instead of because of COVID,” Fauci said.

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Public health officials have been making similar statements lately, and Fauci isn’t the first. As reported by NBC News, Dr. Paul Offit of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia said the number of children being admitted to the hospital as a result of the virus has not increased.

There has been an increase in the number of people being tested for Covid, which is something we do for everyone who is admitted to the hospital, no matter the cause.” Covid-related hospitalizations or stays in the critical care unit have not increased, he said.

There is a “wave of diagnoses” among children who come to our emergency room for reasons other than COVID-19, according to Dr. Matthew Harris, a pediatric emergency care specialist in New York City.

There were just 2-3 COVID cases each day a few weeks ago, but today there are close to 30 cases per day. COVID may not be the primary reason they’re in the hospital, but they may come in with a broken leg and test positive for COVID.

It is estimated that the virus is responsible for the death of fewer than one percent of all children hospitalized with COVID-19, and that only around three percent of all COVID-19 hospitalizations include adults under the age of 18, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.





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