[VIDEO] Trump Supporter Just Broke The Internet With Viral Fauci/Xi “Laboratory Leak” Spoof

[VIDEO] Trump Supporter Just Broke The Internet With Viral Fauci/Xi “Laboratory Leak” Spoof

Did you ever watch something that was so amusing, but so creepy at the same time?


Well, that’s what this video is…. funny and disturbing, but still well worth the 6-seconds.

I actually have watched it about 14 times by now. I am just so amazed by people’s creativity.

And no two people deserve to be roasted in a meme more than Fauci and Xi, two ghouls who obviously worked together to unleash the “Great Reset” upon the world…

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That’s exactly what this outstanding clip touches on – Xi as the “Dr.Evil” character, holding Fauci, who’s the “Mini-Me,” character stuffed in a baby harness, repeating the term “Laboratory Leak.”

Yes, that’s what they want us to believe.

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It was just a “laboratory leak” everyone… it wasn’t a bioterror attack to steal an election and re-set globalism… what are you, a crazy conspiracy theorist or something????

At any rate, I think you will really enjoy this clip. It’s funny, disturbing, and probably 100 percent true!


You can watch the video below:

People online love it:

“omg this is so disturbingly awesome”

“I want to frame this and put it in my dining room”

“I’m literally laughing out loud.”

“Lol funniest thing I’ve seen today”

“This might be one of the greatest things I have ever seen!”

I agree, this is perfect.

The power of memes is amazing, isn’t it?


You can say so much with humor and creativity and it spreads like wildfire.

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