[VIDEO] Fauci Forced to Sit Quietly While Chuck Todd Trashes His Industry After Terrible New Polling Drops

[VIDEO] Fauci Forced to Sit Quietly While Chuck Todd Trashes His Industry After Terrible New Polling Drops

Well, if Dr. Fauci had questions about what the American people think of him and his entire industry, he doesn’t anymore.


Not after the new NBC polling that just came out which shows most Americans no longer trust him, the CDC, and the government for COVID-19 information.

Fauci, who was sitting at a 60 percent approval in April 2020, is now at a jaw-dropping 40 percent. He’s fallen 20 points.

The CDC was at nearly 70 percent in April and is now at 44 percent.

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And the government went from 66 percent to an embarrassing 38 percent.


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And you can see that it’s killing Dr. Fauci.

Just look at his face during this interview with Chuck Todd.


It looks like somebody just took away his puppy.

Fauci sat there quietly, while Chuck Todd trashed his industry, and the look of sadness on his narcissistic face was worth its weight in gold.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what folks online had to say:

“Fauci can go French kiss a goat’s ass.”

“Fauci still has an approval rating?”

“Approval of launching him into space…..never to return.”

“The walking dead are very afraid. They will not allow themselves to doubt Fauci and the jabs. They won’t look at themselves in the mirror for fear of seeing the old man with the sickle standing right behind them. They Must approve of Fauci or face what they have done to themselves and their families.

“Outside of Washington and the white guilt virtue signaling self loathing liberal media America stopped listening to this criminal a long time ago.”

“Who are the people who support him? And why?”

Yes, I understand that it’s frustrating that there are still people who support Fauci. But he’s been propped up by literally everyone in the media. So, the fact that we’ve taken him down 20 points with ZERO help with the media, is a victory.


Keep fighting.

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