[VIDEO] Trump Supporters Say They Spotted “Undercover Feds” At Last Night’s Texas Rally

[VIDEO] Trump Supporters Say They Spotted “Undercover Feds” At Last Night’s Texas Rally

Well, here we go again, folks. The feds look like they’re back in action.


That’s what many Trump supporters are saying after last night’s rally in Texas.

It appears as though about four “Patriot Front” members showed up at the event, wearing their traditional “face coverings.”

Here’s a photo of what their “uniforms” look like.

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Now, there are a lot of questions surrounding Patriot Front.

I did some research on them a while back, and I can tell you they were started back in 2017 by then-19-year-old Thomas Ryan Rousseau. Prior to starting Patriot Front, Thomas was part of another “white nationalist” group called “Vanguard America.” He was a “commander” in “Vanguard America” and served under the leadership of Dillon Irizarry.

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The relationship between the two young men fell apart over the Charlottesville criminal situation and infighting. That’s when Thomas started “Patriot Front.”

Patriot Front believes we should return to a strictly “European America.”

They are definitely a “white nationalist” group, and they’re not trying to hide that.

However, they’ve actually kept a really low profile for many years, steering clear of other well-known “Neo-Nazi” groups and white nationalists, while they tried to fine-tune their image as patriotic “community advocates.”

They don’t deny the “white nationalist” label, but they’ve definitely worked hard to put a unique spin on it by focusing on “community advocation.”

My best guess is that they’re trying to blend in with society and not look like social outcasts or the next “KKK.” They want to recruit members, so they’re using honey, not vinegar, if that makes sense.

But they’re a white nationalist group, regardless.

And the whole time they’ve existed the FBI has been investigating them.

Records obtained by the Texas Observer show that the FBI has been monitoring Rousseau since at least May 2017, while he was still a student at Coppell High School, for his own flyer distribution on Dallas area campuses. 

Patriot Front did not participate in many public events, especially on a national level. They would stick close to their communities and put stickers up around their neighborhoods.

Here’s a sample of the type of stickers they put up:


Hate Group Spreads Propaganda, Defaces Property in Downtown, Deep Ellum, and Bishop Arts — Reform Dallas

However, they started coming out and doing “national events” not long after the January 6th committee started up.

So, the “timing” is definitely suspicious and you have to wonder if Patriot Front has been infiltrated by the feds and is being used against the right, and as a tool to validate the left’s claims that “white nationalists” are this nation’s biggest threat.

Because anytime there’s a right-wing event, we now see Patriot Front.

Very odd and a distinct pattern change from how they’ve been behaving in the recent past.

And that’s what appears to be the case at last night’s Trump rally in Texas.

This group of four young men walking around the Trump rally, wearing the “traditional” Patriot Front face garb caught people’s attention.


As I mentioned above, I have done research on this group, and I have observed and talked to people online who claim they are part of Patriot Front.

And I can tell you from first-hand experience and observation that they despise President Trump.

They believe Trump is owned by the “Jews” and he’s a puppet of Israel, who they despise. They don’t believe Trump is capable of saving the country, they think he’s a “fraud” and a big dumb “boomer,” and they mock him regularly.

They also resent Trump deeply for pushing hard for the Black and Hispanic vote and for courting gays.


So, what is their political stance? Well, they believe the only way to win, is to “fight” our way out of this mess.

So, when I see four “supposed” members of “Patriot Front” at a Trump rally, my “red flags” go up, because I know for a fact that no Patriot Front member worth his salt would be caught dead at a MAGA rally.


It goes against all of their core beliefs.

So, that tells me it is highly likely that Trump supporters are right, and these four men are indeed “feds” who have infiltrated the Patriot Front group.

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